31st August | Islamabad Massacre | Update 2 

Yesterday evening, Islamabad police unleashed their wrath onto the mass of protesters peacefully moving towards the Prime Minister house to stage a protest outside. The police began a reign of terror which after 12 hours, is still continuing. Up to 40,000 police officers brutally attacked peaceful marchers by firing deadly phosphorus tear gas, shelling, and firing bullets at the masses which consist of unarmed men, women, children, babies and the elderly.

(Police attacking unarmed civilians)


The police have shown no signs of mercy as they continue their barbarous attack. The death toll is steadily rising as thirteen people have already been confirmed dead and hundreds are severely injured. Expressing their concerns over a horrific demonstration of inhumane activity, doctors have come forward to the media saying that it is hard to keep a tab on the number of dead, as wounded people are being torn out of ambulances and taken away to unknown locations. Medical professionals treating the injured have also revealed that the type of tear gas which is being fired at protestors has been chemically infused, causing severe respiratory damage.

Many journalists from the print and electronic media are present on the ground and are reporting on the developing situation. Ruthlessly, police have started targeting media personnel, damaging their equipment and using force against them in an attempt to silence their coverage.

In an address to the public today, Dr Qadri highlighted that such an excessive use of force against unarmed protestors is totally against democracy and is a violation of human rights. As more of the public try to make their way into Islamabad, Dr Qadri emphasised that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has dressed dynasty as democracy, and the poor and destitute of society have realised this and therefore have stood up against it. The government’s attempt to extinguish the unarmed crowd from Red Zone in Islamabad has caused a ripple effect throughout the whole country, as people from every major city have taken to the streets in a stand against such oppression.

As night falls upon a dreadful scene in Islamabad, vans and trucks full of fresh police officers have arrived, as the brutality is set to continue. It is a widespread belief amongst all Pakistanis that now is the time to save the nation from the despotic, corrupt and tyrannical rule that they have been suffering from for decades.

(The statistics so far on death toll and number of injured people)



30th August | #IslamabadMassacre | Update - 7 Dead

Having spent over two weeks waiting peacefully for a response from the Prime Minister on their demands of justice, democracy and true implementation of the Constitution of Pakistan, supporters of the pro-democratic political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek started to move forward towards the Prime Minister house, to continue their sit in there. However upon moving forward the peaceful demonstrators have been met with terrorising scenes as the Police have caused a shower of tear gas and opened fire on the crowds; killing 7 and wounding over 100 with numbers rising rapidly.

(Effects of the brutal force being used against the sea of protestors at Islamabad)


Perplexed reporters on the ground are questioning why, on the peace abiding who have raised their voices to reclaim their rights, such violence has been deemed necessary. This is even more pertinent as, due to article 245 being enacted, the Army has taken responsiblity to protect state property, and so this is no longer the duty of the Police. The scenes have become a mirror image of the harrowing massacre that took place on the 17th June in Model Town in Lahore, which killed 14 people and wounded over 90 peaceful citizens.

Never has there, in the history of Pakistan, been an incident of direct firing on protesters in the capital until today where the Police on government orders is terrorising the masses who have stood to reclaim their democratic and constitutional rights. National TV in Pakistan has shown Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar, welcomed as a hero at the Red Zone in Islamabad while he applauded the Police present on their operation. Such a move raises questions to the true democratic nature of the status quo government. Would any state, which is pro democracy instruct its police forces to fire live ammunition point blank toward such a large crowd of unarmed protestors? Journalists and citizens alike have labelled the state as terrorists, with no interest in public welfare. Using force to suppress the voices of any opposition and spilling blood to clutch onto power has been the only thing the current government has shown it is interested in.



30th August | The Final Move to PM House | #GreenRevolution

The announcement of a joint struggle between both mainstream political parties PTI and PAT working towards a common objective, sent major shockwaves across the political arena of Pakistan. In explaining the strategic motive behind this formidable unity; ex-parliamentarian and constitutional expert Dr Qadri emphasized that the fundamental goals of both parties are the same. Dr Qadri expounded on the necessity of working together with Imran Khan and PTI in order to ensure that the caravan of revolution reached its promised destination. The people listened attentively and approved of the rational strategy, as Dr Qadri elucidated on the importance of unity between both mainstream political parties. Both protesting parties are expected to work together in forming a mutual strategy to ensure that the people of Pakistan receive their basic human rights.

Upon addressing the masses who had been eagerly anticipating the keynote address of Dr Qadri, the Leader of the Revolution initiated his address by asking protestors to take down and pack up their tents, signalling that the sea of people was ready to move towards their final destination. This announcement was met by demonstrations of joy as the people sensed that the dawn of revolution was upon them. Dr Qadri also took the last opportunity to invite police officers to reject unlawful orders and join the historic Revolutionary March as well as simultaneously appealing to the masses from surrounding areas of the Capital Islamabad to reach the sit-in venue. Dr Qadri went on to to wholeheartedly praise the remarkable supporters of the revolutionary socio-economic agenda stating that the exhibition of utmost steadfastness and patience is unparalleled in Pakistan’s history.

In exposing the blatant hypocrisy of the Pakistani government, Dr Qadri explained that the incumbent rulers do not have legitimacy to address the notion of democracy. Dr Qadri then unveiled the failures of the justice system and informed the masses that a gang rape victim committed suicide by setting herself alight because the law of the country had failed to support her. The family of the gang rape victim reached the revolutionary sit in and emotionally broke down in front of hundreds and thousands and pleaded for justice. Dr Qadri further expounded that the revolutionary sit in was flooded with the oppressed, impoverished, downtrodden sections of society who were demanding justice. Dr Qadri also emphasised on the corrupt feudal system of Pakistan highlighting the fact that Pakistan’s political power was in the control of only 600 families, and the poorer sections of society remained under represented.

The resignation of Nawaz Sharif was still a leading demand of all protestors and after the Punjab government was caught out blatantly lying on the Parliament floor, Dr Qadri explained that the leaders of Pakistan pay a mere lip service to the constitution and the principles given by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Dr Qadri explained yet again that it is a sad state of affairs when a state fails to register a legal FIR of a brutal massacre and later fabricates a false FIR in order to avoid accountability.

As the sun set on the many individuals with hopes in their heart of a Pakistan which would support every citizen, Dr Qadri returned to his container to perform the twilight prayer. What was quiet remarkable is that while Dr Qadri was praying, the crowds began to pack down in an organised and coordinated effort to begin moving from Parliament House to another destination. Dr Qadri addressed the people again and said that the people of the protest will peacefully exercise their democratic and constitutional rights and move forward and stop outside the Prime minster house. In a spirit of unity and togetherness both Parties began moving towards their next destination to continue their peaceful protest against this corrupt undemocratic system.

Right the now the situation has become violent. As the hundreds of thousands moved peacefully towards the Prime Minister house, they were fired at with tear gas and beaten by police. The government has adopted undemocratic and brutal ways by using police force against peaceful protestors. A lot of innocent civilians have already been severely injured by the police, and it seems like we are seeing a repeat of the Lahore massacre at a much larger level.

(Evidence of shelling and firing ongoing against innocent & peaceful people in Islamabad 30/08/2014) 



29th August | PAT and PTI unite for revolution #AwamiJirga #GreenRevolution

After yesterdays fabricated FIR document which was created by the Punjab Government in the presence of their lawyers, it was inconceivable that the Punjab provincial authorities would continue their dishonest tactics in order to save their seats. At 4:00am PST, Dr Qadri returned from his meeting with General Raheel Sharif and explained to the protestors how the General was shocked when Dr Qadri had revealed to him that the FIR document was concocted by the Government.

Attached to the FIR were an extra two pages in English that contained an exemption clause that would absolve the true perpetrators of the Lahore massacre and enable them to escape any court proceedings. Subsequently the Government went onto to commit another deceitful act which eventually backfired. The Interior minister Chaudary Nisar and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif spoke to the parliament in the presence of the media falsely claiming that Dr Qadri and Imran Khan had phoned Mr Nisar to ask the Prime Minister’s permission to meet with the chief of army staff. This was subsequently categorically denied by Dr Qadri and Imran Khan. Both political leaders stated that it was in fact the Punjab Government who called upon the chief of army staff to settle the situation. Thereafter the ISPR Asim Bajwa issued a statement stating that the army was in fact invited by the government to play a facilitative role and not Dr Qadri or Imran Khan.

Addressing the huge mass of protestors in the evening, Dr Qadri set out his demands that he had put forward to General Raheel Sharif. The first demand was an appeal to register the delayed FIR statement which after 2 and a half months still had not been correctly recorded. The rejection of basic fundamental rights of a victim and the swarm of deceitful practices adopted by the government led to the second demand which was that while Nawaz Sharif remained in power, a free and fair enquiry could never be conducted. Dr Qadri further expressed his grave concern about the thousands of people arrested during and after the Lahore Massacre still not released. To help explain true democracy Dr Qadri spoke of how ministers in democratic countries are forced to resign if they have been proven to lie and how ministers and leaders of true democratic countries have voluntarily resigned after national disasters such as the resignation of the Prime Minister of South Korea after the sewol ferry disaster. During Dr Qadri’s speech the protesters in their hundreds of thousands showed their discontent against the undemocratic and corrupt system of Pakistan with the slogan of “shame!” During the speech Dr Qadri was also visited by PTI officials and decided to meet and consult with them about the next step.

The 24 hour deadline given by Dr Qadri reached an end while he was in the meeting. The crowds who have been growing restless and who are increasingly ready and willing to exercise their rights in order to rid the nation of the corrupt rulers were eagerly anticipating news. The first person to emerge from Dr Qadri’s container was deputy parliamentary leader of PTI, Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Qureshi pleaded with the crowds and requested more time from them to allow the situation to develop and for the armed forces to also make important decisions. The crowd however refused this request. They listened attentively to what Qureshi said, but refused to listen to his demands.

It was only after the arrival of Dr Qadri that the crowd became calm to a certain extent and Dr Qadri was able to present the case for staying another day. Dr Qadri explained the necessity of working together with Imran Khan and PTI in order ensure that the people’s struggle reached its promised destination. Dr Qadri rationally expounded that it would be regretful if this movement failed just because we didn’t camp out together for a 16th day. The people listened attentively and finally raised their hands in agreement to Dr Qadri’s legitimate strategy.

What has become apparent is that the government is extremely unstable. Caught lying in front the nation is another blow to their corrupt rule and to their legitimacy. The unity of PTI and PAT can be an unstoppable force and they are not likely to rest until democratic rights as set out in the constitution are given to every citizen of Pakistan.

Inqilab March - Aerial View



29th August | Pakistan Army Chief Intervenes as Negotiator

No doubt, late Thursday saw a ground-breaking historical development as for the first time in Pakistan’s political history, Pakistan’s powerful Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif intervened publicly in the country’s political situation as a facilitator and guarantor for negotiations between the government and PAT chief, Dr Qadri. The intervention by the Pakistan Armed Forces was an attempt to reconcile matters between the Pakistan government and the supporters of the egalitarian and socio-economic agenda proposed by Dr Qadri, who have clogged the streets with the unwavering commitment to oust an illegitimate government.

The supporters of PAT have remained firm in their demands of the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, dissolving of the unconstitutional political posts of Members of Parliament MPA, and ultimately endeavouring towards the implementation of the Charter of Demands proposed by PAT chief Dr Qadri, which forms the basis of Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s inveterate political struggle.

It goes without saying that the military’s political intervention gravely underscored the weakness of the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, confirming the government’s weak and futile role in the face of political dissent as well as further emphasising the instability of Pakistan’s weak democratic process and rule of law. With only moments to go for the end of the ultimatum, Dr Qadri asked the supporters whether a further 24 hours should be extended in order for the Chief of Army, General Raheel Sharif to act as  facilitator and guarantor for negotiations and enforce the implementation of demands proposed by the Peoples Parliament.

The supporters eagerly wanting change agreed to a further 24 hours of negotiations. In expressing clarity regarding the situation, Dr Qadri emphasised that the negotiations were specifically with the Armed Forces of Pakistan as otherwise, despite the many negotiation steps with the government and a failure to reach a suitable conclusion, the roads to negotiations between the government had been closed.

Explaining the unparalleled role of Pakistan Armed Forces, Dr Qadri informed the masses that a public intervention by the military was unprecedented in Pakistan’s history. Arguably, the relationship between the military and the Sharif family has been especially turbulent. This is evident by the military d’état led in 1998 by General Pervez Musharraf, former Army Chief which ended Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s last reign in power.

Shocking revelations followed the 3 hours 20 minutes meeting with General Raheel Sharif which left the masses stunned. Dr Qadri revealed that the FIR submitted in Lahore to investigate the culprits of the Lahore Massacre was completely fabricated. A surprising revelation was that the Army Chief himself was unaware of the criminal deception behind the FIR registered. Also a copy of the FIR was given to General Raheel Sharif who was flabbergasted at how the government had managed to deceive the media and the people of Pakistan by fabricating a false FIR and as a result, disrespecting the due process of law. Dr Qadri paid a tribute to the Armed Forces as he commended the integrity of character of the Chief of Army Staff - “I found General Raheel Sharif an honest and upright person as I have first time met him in my life” – Dr Qadri said.

Furthermore, this morning mainstream media channels reported that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Interim Minister Chaudry Nisar promulgated on the floor of parliament before the nation that Chief of PAT asked the General Army Chief to be the guarantor between Government and PAT. In rebuttal of this, Dr Qadri clarified that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lied on the floor of National Assembly and the arbitrary role of the government had been launched by Nawaz Sharif as a desperate attempt to resolve the situation and escape the inevitable outcome of his resignation. In further clarifying the deception, the Pakistan Armed Forces also released a statement and informed the masses that Chief of Army Staff was approached by the Pakistan government to play the central facilitative role in order to resolve the current impasse.

The supporters of PAT continue to exhibit remarkable zeal in their quest to attain true democracy, the difficult conditions being enduring, and an increasing threat of government attacks on the sit-ins, the masses protesting for socio-economic rights remain charged and full of energy. Hearts are anxious and time is slowly ticking away as the nation are waiting for the end of this final ultimatum proposed by the protesters to resolve the situation and ultimately implement the constitutional demands proposed by Pakistan Awami Tehreek. Dr Qadri also informed the Armed Forces and gave a final warning to the status quo that once this final deadline was over, and the demands remain unresolved, he could not stop his supporters and workers from any move they may deem appropriate.


(Dr Qadri addressing the masses yesterday in the historic address - 29/08/12)



28th August | Historic Address | #GreenRevolution

Hundreds of thousands of people rallied with bated breath, as millions were glued to their TV sets anticipating the final message of the revolutionary leader Dr Tahir Ul Qadri. Supporters of the egalitarian and socio-economic agenda of the PAT chief, ex-parliamentarian and world renowned constitutional expert gathered awaiting the landmark address. Suspense reached new heights in the sit ins, almost bringing the political arena of Pakistan to a momentary halt. Gazes were fixed on the stage whilst the masses awaited to hear the landmark speech of their saviour.

Showing solidarity to  Pakistan Tehreek –e- Insaaf (a political party in Pakistan led by Imran Khan also staging a protest in constitutional avenue) Dr Qadri initiated his landmark address by paying a remarkable tribute to the supporters of PTI. Dr Qadri went further to term them as political “cousins” as their deep-rooted struggle for change is one the supporters of PAT can relate to.

Furthermore, elucidating on the condition of the poor, impoverished and downtrodden in society, Dr Qadri re-iterated that the oppressed masses form more than half of Pakistan. These masses spend their entire life in an impoverished state, and hardly have access to even one meal a day. Dr Qadri described the poor in Pakistan as being an island surrounded by a roaring ocean of the rich, who would constantly snatch their rights away from them. Dr Qadri noted how remarkable it was, that despite the many hurdles, hundreds and thousands had still managed to reach the mass sit ins to express their discontent with the incumbent political situation. Informing the masses, Dr Qadri also revealed how Pakistan is rich in natural resources, however, the corrupt politicians had exploited the land for their own vested interests. Outlining his vision for the future of Pakistan, Dr Qadri made it clear that he envisages Pakistan to be the embodiment of peace and prosperity which was received amidst the peaceful protestors chanting: “Go Nawaz Go” signalling their hatred and deep discontent towards the current corrupt system, and heartily welcoming Dr Qadri’s revolutionary ideas.

Dr Qadri went on to speak about the first 40 articles of the constitution. He compared the constitution to a cheque given by the founding fathers of Pakistan. Dr Qadri communicated to the listeners that the constitution promised social, economic and political justice and basic fundamental rights to every Pakistani citizen. According to Dr Qadri, this cheque had bounced every time an attempt at cashing it was made. Dr Qadri’s metaphor clearly reflects the condition of Pakistan and the non existent rights that every citizen was supposed to have. Unveiling the socio-economic crisis the country is currently facing, Dr Qadri went on to explain that for decades Pakistan has been grossly under-invested in education and the socio-economic rights of the masses, thus revealing how the corrupt politicians have failed to preserve the sanctity of the Constitution by denying the rights enshrined in the esteemed document.

During the electrifying message to the tremendous amount of protestors, news channels began to circulate reports of an FIR that had been filed. The media had obtained the written FIR document that had recently been registered. As the call for the sunset prayer was sounding, A stroke of legal genius by Dr Qadri, he scanned the FIR document, given to him by Pakistani Awaami Tehreek officials. Immediately, it became apparent that section 7, anti-terrorism act was not included in the FIR which would enable the prosecution to exhibit as evidence the telephonic communication between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Dr Qadri pointed this out straight away and it became crystal clear that the Lahore Massacre was an act of terrorism, against the innocent workers of Pakistani Awami Tehreek and NGO organisation Minhaj Ul Quran international. Innocent civilians were beaten, shot, and arrested by Punjab police in an orchestrated attack that was controlled and commanded by Shabaz Sharif and others that the FIR was registered against. Dr Qadri rejected this FIR and said that any FIR that has to be filed will be registered in front of the media and in the presence of Dr Qadri’s lawyers.

Dr Qadri ended his captivating address by reiterating his message of peace and tolerance. He articulated on sectarianism and extremism within Pakistan and explained to the nation, that if they wanted to be a great democratic power, sectarianism and extremism must be totally eradicated from the society. At the peak of his speech, Dr Qadri presented his visionary agenda for Pakistan once again, emphasising the need for an impartial national government and legitimate democratic reforms in line with the constitution given by the creators of Pakistan. As the crescendo of the public raising slogans of ‘long live Tahir’ filled the air, Dr Qadri promised to return to address the eagerly awaiting audience once again.

On Dr Qadri’s return, he had some positive news for the crowd. The Pakistani army had contacted Dr Qadri and asked if he would accept  the chief of army staff to act as a facilitator and guarantor for negotiations between himself, Imran khan, and Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif. Dr Qadri obtained permission from the protesters who agreed on negotiations which would last 24 hours. Dr Qadri has taken the cheque of the constitution to the banks and the hope is that this time the vaults of democracy will cash true democratic rights for every citizen of Pakistan.



28th August | The Day of Revolution | #YoumeInqilab

With a new sense of hope and optimism in the air for change, supporters of Pakistan Awami Tehreek PAT await the PAT chief, the ex parliamentarian and also world renowned constitutional expert to brief them once again as the dawn of revolution has broken out over Islamabad and the determined and eager protesters are now into their 15th day of observing a sit-in against the current government.

Strengthening the urgent need of a populist socio-economic revolution, the yesterday’s government delegation led by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar involved in the negotiatory tribunal made clear that the government was not willing to show any form of flexibility in meeting the demands of proposed by PAT chief who had gathered, representing the poor and underprivileged stratas of society.

As Nawaz Sharif addressed the national assembly yesterday, and ironically also repeated his support of democratic process and a constitutional Pakistan, he failed to even acknowledge  innumerable swarms of protesters outside Parliament House who had endured blistering heat, and monsoon rains against him whilst voicing their disapproval of the lack of socio-economic development Pakistan had faced since Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took office. Despite undemocratic and unconstitutional hurdles being placed in the way of a peaceful democratic gathering, protesters from PAT have made history by exemplifying the values of peace and unity, patience and persistence in this mammoth pro-democracy protest which can only be applauded for.

Rejecting the illegitimate and unconstitutional set up of the current government in power, the masses had classified the set up as completely undemocratic, this stance of unconstitutionality was effectively strengthened as the additional secretary of Pakistan’s election commission, Muhammad Afzal Khan unveiled the truth about electoral rigging on the mainstream media channel and also pointed out glaring irregularities in the electoral process. Afzal Khan confirmed that up to 90% of the elections were rigged. Thus Dr Qadri reiterated that a cabinet which came to power through unconstitutional means is also deemed unconstitutional with inherent corruption, it can ever be classified as representing true democracy and constitution.

Although Dr Qadri waged a struggle for electoral reforms previously and also knocked at the door of the Supreme Court for this purpose, the system was now challenged as a whole and revolution was inevitable to change this corrupt and oppressive regime. Furthermore transparency and accountability are marked features of real democracy however the version of democracy currently in practice in Pakistan is no doubt, the worst form of authoritarianism.

In yesterday’s groundbreaking address Dr Qadri declared that this is the final day of the sit-in for the participants, and that on this day the sit-in will become revolution itself. We are now only a few hours away from the next historic address of Dr Qadri which will reveal the next stage of this historical revolution.


28th August | The Day of Revolution | #YoumeInqilab #GreenRevolution

As the hashtag #NoReturnUntilRevolution trended on Twitter for hours, supporters of the mainstream political party PAT demonstrated it was not just a catchphrase but their unshakeable commitment to the people of Pakistan as they remained as determined and resolute as ever as the night swiftly fell unto the people protesting outside Parliament Square, Constitutional Avenue.

As the negotiations led by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar came to an end, Dr Qadri promulgated to the masses, eagerly anticipating the outcome of the discussions, that the negotiations had been wholly unsuccessful as the government officials refused to accept the conditions proposed by the PAT chief. In unveiling the unsuccessful outcome of the negotiations, Dr Qadri also confirmed the contention that the government and democracy are two separate entities in Pakistan.

Remaining true and enduring on his demands, Dr Qadri reiterated how out of the number of demands proposed to the incumbent government, PAT were willing to compromise and urge for enactment of just two demands today; an FIR of the Model Town Massacre to be filed against government officials involved in orchestrating the bloodbath so that this case could be effectively investigated and as a result, the due process of law be respected. The second demand was for the prompt resignation of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. PAT supporters articulated that the remaining demands were allowed to be negotiated and explored on the forthcoming day however the government remained completely inflexible in meeting these demands.

Further exposing the demeaning attitude of the government officials involved in the negotiatory tribunal, Dr Qadri revealed to the masses how the government made a mockery of the demands proposed by Pakistan Awami Tehreek and the Peoples Parliament. The negotiatory tribunal harboured no real effort to ensure the conclusion of these negotiations was in accordance to the rule of law, constitution and democratic process.

In response to the failures of diplomatic and arbitrary methods of reaching the desired result, Dr Qadri reconciled the subject by espousing that the doors of negotiations were now closed. He said that Pakistan Awami Tehreek had worked hard to show flexibility within negotiations, however the responsibility of showing flexibility had now been lifted as the government remained firm on their corrupt and despotic agenda of deterring the real implementation of law, constitution and democracy.

In a dynamic, powerful and energetic manner, closing his address to the masses, Dr Qadri declared that this will be the last night of the sit-in, and also revealing that tomorrow Pakistan will see the dawn of revolution. In an emotional and heart wrenching appeal to the masses, Dr Qadri urged those still at home in the surrounding area’s of Islamabad that this was their last chance to support the revolution. Dr Qadri reiterated that the inevitable revolution will translate the vision of the Great Founding Father Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan into a reality. Now only hours away from the dawn of a new day, and a new era, we await for the next steps of this revolution which will turn the venue of the sit-in, Constitutional Avenue, into Revolution Avenue.



D-Day | Government Delegation arrives to avert deadline

A handful of seconds remaining until the expiry of a 48 hour ultimatum backed by hundreds of thousands gathered outside Parliament House, a government delegation led by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar arrived at the container of the chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), Dr Tahirul Qadri.

As the meeting progressed, protesters reflected on what has kept them away from their homes to sleep on open roads tolerating diverse weather conditions for nearly a fortnight. Despite suffering from lack of food and water, and spending hours waiting for their turn to use the toilet, people declare that it is nothing compared to the life they have. They remained steadfast in supporting Dr Qadri’s struggle for the elimination of a system that has dragged Pakistan into a vicious circle of corruption, poverty, crime, and unemployment.

Ordinary Pakistanis have not seen many improvements since Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took office. In 1980 Pakistan ranked 146th out of 187 countries, on the United Nations Development Programme’s 2013 Human Development Index – a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living for countries worldwide. Thirty four years and billions of rupees of loans later, it still ranks at 146.

After an intense few hours of negotiations Mr Dar left Constitutional Avenue as quickly as he had arrived. Dr Qadri briefly addressed the masses. He explained that he will only honour the government’s request to reinitiate talks if they immediately agree with two demands. Due to lack of authority to make such decisions, the delegation will consult the PM and return at 21.30 PST with a response.

The PAT chief however declined to illustrate those two conditions, adding that, “I will make the government delegates announce those conditions officially”.
Dr Qadri also reiterated that Pakistan has been starved from justice, democracy, rule of law, accountability and transparency, and those who are thirsty to see Pakistan on the pedestal of change and reform must take to the streets. In an emotional and heart wrenching appeal to the nation again, Dr Qadri said that it was the work of the entire nation of 180 million people to stand up and be counted in order to take the struggle for revolution through to its climax.

Understandably late, the delegation revisited Dr Qadri at 21.45. Conforming to the advice of their leader and guide, the public suppressed their emotions and refrained from booing the people they hold responsible for the failings of the nation, due to misuse of resources.

With optimism and hope in the air for change, protesters await the constitutional expert to brief them once again as the majority of government officials sent by Pm Mr Sharif have left, and the Governor of Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan and Governor of Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar remain engaged in their role to solve the uncertain situation.

(A view of people’s ocean waiting for Dr Qadri’s announcement.)



D-Day | Supreme Court Verdict

The time frame for the ultimatum given by Dr Qadri is swiftly reaching its end, with approximately 2 hours left until Dr Qadri and political party Pakistani Awami Tehreek (PAT) make their next moves in order to rid the country of the monopolistic, corrupt feudal system which is deeply rooted in Pakistani politics. With more evidence relating to widespread election rigging being released daily by media anchors, the Punjab government seems to be on its last legs, with their anxiety increasing as the minutes pass by. Comparatively, supporters of the mainstream political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) have exhibited an elusive standard of organized political conduct, patience and restraint, despite all the odds stacked against them.

The general public have been left confused and perplexed after a shocking judgement issued by the Supreme Court (SC). A five-judge larger bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, heard petitions filed by bar associations across the country against the PAT sit-ins on Islamabad’s Constitution Avenue. The court decided to issue a judgement against those peacefully protesting for democracy and the eradication of corruption. According to petitioners, protesters were breaching the rights of the common citizen, as enshrined in articles 15 and 16 of the constitution, which ensure freedom of movement and right of assembly. In rebuttal of this, PAT’s counsel Ali Zafar said protesters had cleared one side of Constitution Avenue and that there was free space allowing for the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

The general public in Pakistan seem surprised that the SC who is responsible for the systematic operation of democracy, justice and rule of law are issuing such Ultra vires. Questions are arising over the fact that the Supreme Court hasn’t taken any notice that FIR reports have not been filed for the Model Town Massacre. The public is also bewildered that the Court has not paid attention to the amount of containers that have been installed throughout Punjab by the government, which have blocked roads, disrupted routes, and have affected the transportation of goods within the country.

Despite undemocratic and unconstitutional hurdles being placed in the way of a peaceful democratic gathering, protesters from PAT have made history by exemplifying the values of peace and unity, patience and persistence in this mammoth pro-democracy protest.

As feelings of state institutions themselves being integrated into the exertion of injustice, corruption and bias become more widespread amongst Pakistanis, all eyes are fixed upon the container of Dr Tahir Ul Qadri. Watches are being checked over and over again, time is ticking, and the nation are waiting for the end of the ultimatum, and Dr Qadri to announce the next step in order to implement true democracy that will give every Pakistani citizen their basic rights.


D-Day: Rising Expectations #NoReturnUntilRevolution

A new day has dawned in Pakistan, and the nation will rise in expectation with only a few hours remaining as the deadline for the ultimatum delivered almost two days previous by Dr Qadri looms ever closer.

Since the conveyance of the ultimatum, on Monday 25th August, major revelations have surfaced that have swung the political pendulum heavily in favour of anti-government groups. The shocking confession of Mohammed Afzal Khan, the secretary of Pakistan’s election commission, in an interview on a popular mainstream media channel, exposed corruption of the highest order that had taken place during the elections of 2013. Not only did this confirm the suspicions harboured by parties in the opposition but it also reaffirmed the prediction made by Dr Qadri five months prior to the election. Such disclosure has nullified the authority and legitimacy of the existing government and National Assembly as they have been formed unconstitutionally, and don’t represent a nation which aspires to practice true democracy.

These ground breaking developments have occurred amid an on-going colossal protest against the current system of falsified democracy where the Pakistani public have lined the streets of the capital since the 14th of August, the very day which symbolises Pakistan’s freedom and independence. Protesters and supporters of the political party, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) staged a long march from Lahore to Islamabad, and upon reaching the capital commenced a sit in. Fast forward fourteen days, the people who have exercised their right under Article 16 of Pakistan’s Constitution, have continued to remain united and disciplined and above all else peaceful under the guidance and instruction of constitutional expert Dr Qadri. However, they have also continued to voice their demands; the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab’s Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for their involvement in the Model Town Massacre of 14 innocent civilians, and the immediate dissolution of the current government.

Despite the peaceful and law abiding citizens carrying out a peaceful sit in front of Parliament, a heavy police presence has been deployed to surround the Red Zone area where protestors are gathered. Now as the deadline approaches for Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet, their silence will only fuel the frustration of those gathered as the protesters will accept only one outcome in this standoff. Revolution cometh…

(Dr Qadri addressing the masses on the 26th of August)


August 26th | Day 13 | Lahore High Court decision Upheld - #TuQWasRight

Half way through the 48-hour ultimatum given to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign and dissolve assemblies Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Qadri paid tribute to the 13 day long sit-in. He said without a doubt Pakistan’s history has not witnessed such a large gathering of protesters setting an excellent example of their organized political conduct, patience and restraint despite all the odds stacked against them.

Referring to the recent findings of Justice Baqid Ali Najfi’s report pertaining to Model Town tragedy of 17th June 2014, Dr Qadri publicly promulgated Punjab’s Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif as the culprit for the Model Town tragedy which resulted in the death of 14 people and injured 90 others.

The report concludes that the Chief Minister had not ordered the police to ‘disengage’ from the clashes with unarmed civilians. The report states that the word “disengagement” had been used by Shahbaz Sharif in his statement as an afterthought. Furthermore neither the former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah nor former principal secretary to the chief minister, Dr Tauqeer Shah, had mentioned in their statements to the commission that they had been directed by the chief minister to ‘disengage’ the police. By magnifying the contradicting statements given under oath the direct responsibility of the Punjab provincial authorities has been unveiled. In addition to this the report had been suppressed by those in authority to try and keep the wool pulled over people’s eyes. This in itself was violation of the constitutional provision of access to information.

Furthermore, Dr Qadri emphasised that the oppressed masses remain an unrepresented majority within Pakistan. For the poorer sections of society, there are fewer opportunities, no justice, no education, no job, and no means of obtaining a substantial living. He discussed how the failure to devolve power and authority to grass root level has disempowered the common man from political participation. Urging the masses to come out of their homes for a populist socio-economic revolution, Dr Qadri addressed the people sitting in homes and watching TV, he said that it was not time to sit it out. He asked the people to join revolution in their hundreds of thousands, adding that if they squandered this opportunity, the coming generations would not forgive them.

Dr Qadri highlighted that the poor did not carry any importance or value in the eyes of the ruling class. In recent days during the sit-ins the government showed tactics of trying to waste time, and avoid the matter at hand through staging negotiations which led to nowhere in the hope that the masses which had taken to the streets would tire. However the difficult conditions being enduring, and an increasing threat of government attacks on the sit-ins, the masses remain charged and full of energy, not willing to leave until their demands are met. A group of protesters stood with their shrouds reiterating Dr Qadri’s message to the so called Champions of Democracy that their struggle to implement the populist socio-economic agenda detailed by the leader of PAT was one they were prepared to sacrifice their lives for. 


Punjab govt responsible for Model Town bloodbath: Kamran Shahid reveals JC report

It was mentioned in the report that Punjab government’s June 17 action was illegal.

LAHORE (Dunya News) - Senior journalist Kamran Shahid on Tuesday revealed details of judicial commission’s report pertaining to Model Town tragedy.

The report compiled by Justice Baqir Ali Najfi of the Lahore High Court (LHC) directly holds Punjab government responsible for ‘bloodbath’ in Model Town area.

It was mentioned in the report that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had not ordered the police to ‘disengage’ from the clashes with Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) supporters, resulting in the deaths of at least 14 people and injuries to over 80 others.

The report says neither former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah nor former principal secretary to the chief minister, Dr Tauqeer Shah, had mentioned in their affidavits to the commission that they had been directed by the chief minister to ‘disengage’ the police.

Shahbaz Sharif had used the word “disengagement” in his affidavit on an afterthought, the report added.

It was further revealed that Minhajul Quran International (MQI) workers hurled stones at police and in return they were fired upon. Police followed Punjab government s orders.

According to report, barriers outside Minhajul Quran International Secretariat were legal.

It may be mentioned here that the judicial commission was constituted in order to investigate the Model Town Incident that took place on June 17, 2014. Punjab Police went to remove the barriers placed outside Dr Tahirul Qadri s residence and Minhajul Quran International (MQI) Secretariat in Model Town. The workers of MQI resisted the move which led to an unconstitutional & brutal massacre leaving 14 Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) workers dead and over 80 people critically injured.

Source: http://dunyanews.tv/index.php/en/Pakistan/234154-Punjab-govt-responsible-for-Model-Town-bloodbath


Planned Aggression in Red Zone | Islamabad

Pakistan Media channels report fresh troops of the Punjab Police and the paramilitary FC have been deployed and have taken their positions, and an attack on Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri is being suspected anytime under the pretext of protecting Parliament House

Twelve days of enduring rain, blazing heat, hunger and sleep deprivation and no sign of the government accepting its failures Dr Qadri gave a final ultimatum. Addressing PM Nawaz Sharif, Dr Qadri declared a 48 hour deadline. If Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif failed to accept their demands then what ever was to transpire next would not be in his control and all responsibility would lay with the state.

Furthermore PMLN organized a rally for expressing solidarity with the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against the protest sit-ins of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT). Charged up and aggressive workers of the ruling party attacked the DSNG van of ARY News and victimized the staff, near the Quaidabad interchange, located at Islamabad Highway.

A few months ago, a brutal massacre took place of supporters of the mainstream political party PAT in Lahore which left 14 people dead and 97 injured after Punjab Police opened fire on unarmed civilians. The attack carried out by the Punjab Police left the people of Pakistan questioning the reliability of law enforcement and justice agencies within their country. If such an attack could be imposed on the supporters of an organisation which is globally recognised for its promotion of peace, it could happen to any citizen or organisation which raises its voice against the existing reign of Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif.

All these facts give strength to the notion that another brutal attack is planned on the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors that sit with Dr Qadri in the capital tonight.

Also it has been reported that the workers and supporters of PAT have immediately taken to preventative measures and started constructing a protective wall around the container in which Dr Qadri is staying in along with his followers in the red zone area of Islamabad.

The wall is being constructed speedily with the help of iron pipes, fearing a brutal and unconstitutional crackdown by the law enforcement agencies at the discretion of the incumbent government who are attempting to suppress political dissent.

According to details confirmed by ARY news, Chief Minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif also publicly promulgated that his tour to China is more important than the current political turmoil in Pakistan.

(Police surrounding protestors ourside Parliament house - 25/08/2014)image


August 25th | Day 12 | The 48 Hour Ultimatum

On the 11th day of the pro-democracy and anti-corruption sit-in led by ex-parliamentarian and renowned constitutional expert Dr Qadri, he delivered an exhilarating address to the innumerable swarm of supporters of the mainstream political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT). In Dr Qadri’s first formal address of the day to his audience crammed along the 5km stretch of Khayaban-e-Suharwardi; he indicated that human civilisation has never before seen such fervour, dedication and resolve amongst a group of people demanding their rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. It is without doubt that supporters of PAT have made history by exemplifying the values of peace and unity, patience and persistence in this mammoth pro-democracy protest.

The severity of the socio-economic crisis Pakistan faces was a revelation to many in the last few days as Dr Qadri detailed the crisis Pakistan is facing at the moment. Also revealing that the country is at the brink of anarchy and foreign loans that have indebted its nationals for generations to come. In today’s address, Dr Qadri explained how the endeavour for real democracy and mass reform initiated as a Revolutionary March which later transformed itself into a revolutionary sit, and is now swiftly entering into the stage of revolution itself. Jolting the memories of the hundreds and thousands present at the sit-ins, Dr Qadri reminded everyone that the caravan of revolution began when the blood of innocent people which was unlawfully spilt in Model Town Lahore. With firm and unwavering conviction, Dr Qadri reiterated that the struggle for revolution had gotten under-way with blood of martyrs and it would surely and most definitely reach its desired destination.

Remaining firm and uncompromised on his demands of dissolving unconstitutional assemblies, Dr Qadri explained that any negotiations with the incumbent political elite were merely to permit the government time to continue to their farcical “democracy”. The government instigated negations with the hopes that they will exhaust  the supporters of PAT; that they would tire from being disconnected from their everyday comforts which they had in their lives.

Whilst explaining the failures of the constitutional machinery in Pakistan, Dr Qadri explained to the masses that the single-most glaring result of this chaos was Pakistan’s failure to operate state institutes impartially. Dr Qadri went on to explain that the constitutional arrangements in Pakistan violated the very doctrine of separation of powers as the state institutes responsible for providing justice, democracy and rule of law within Pakistan are subject to political victimisation. Centralisation of political power and disproportionate representation of the various stratas of society on the Assembly floor has resulted in the suppression of the voices of the 180 million people living in Pakistan.There is no justice, no education, no job, no means of obtaining a substantial living, and thus poor are compelled to resort to demeaning labour.

Dr Qadri as an indefatigable defender of human rights and democracy made it clear that the struggle for revolution would continue till Pakistan emerged as a bright state on the horizon of the world and no power could stop the revolution from happening. A final ultimatum of 48 hours was strongly promulgated to the government to dissolve unconstitutional assemblies. The PAT chief also gave a final warning to the status quo that once the deadline was over he could not stop his supporters and workers from any move they may deem appropriate.