21st September | Revolutionaries Teach the Lesson of Democracy

As a new day dawns in Islamabad, peaceful protestors of the 10-point revolutionary agenda of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) continue controlling the capital of Pakistan in Islamabad, with the continued unyielding vision to oust the illegitimate government. It has been over a month and the protestors show no sign of fatigue or deterrence in achieving their aims.

At the commencement of today’s keynote address, patron-in-chief of the PAT congratulated Imran Khan, leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) on an extremely successful protest. Dr Qadri further stated that the previous few weeks were recording a new chapter in history, and also that the coming generations will celebrate the sacrifices rendered by the revolutionaries of Pakistan.

In elucidating further, Dr Qadri informed the masses of the global significance of 21st September stating that annually International Peace Day is commemorated across the globe. Dr Qadri stated that such days are important days of inculcating nationalist fervour and sentiments into the country whilst simultaneously celebrating peace-making initiatives as well as developing them further. However Pakistan had seen a major deviation from this annual norm. Ironically, whilst the revolutionaries protesting for democracy have embodied utmost peace, discipline and steadfastness, the police had arrested cooks responsible for the nutrition management at the revolutionary sit-ins. Dr Qadri expressed his grief at this occurrence stating that the government was inviting its own downfall by utilising such unjust, despotic and undemocratic ways.

Speaking about the absence democracy in Pakistan, Dr Qadri highlighted the democratic heritage of progressive democracies across the globe. Dr Qadri gave the example of President Richard Milhous Nixon who was forced to resign after the Watergate Scandal in 1972. In stating this example, Dr Qadri espoused the Watergate Scandal had profound consequences in the United States politics and also set a new precedent. Whilst addressing the national media as well as the participants of the revolutionary sit-in, Dr Qadri stated that the consequential resignation of President Nixon was the essence of real democracy which sadly, does not exist in Pakistani politics. Dr Qadri also stated that a systematic democracy and effective governance comprise of the rule of law, the protection of human rights, free and fair elections, independent media as well as accountability of the political leadership in the country.

Furthermore, the globally renowned constitutional expert also delved into the current situation of Pakistan and exposed the corruption of the Sharif family. In doing so, Dr Qadri unveiled that in the previous tenure, Chief Minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif controlled 18 ministries in the government and currently, he continues to enjoy the unconstitutional power conferred unto him and controls 10 ministries. Dr Qadri expounded that nepotism has destroyed the political fabric of the country as Pakistan has transmuted the customary concept of nepotism into a popular and business in politics. It goes without saying that nepotism, favouritism, and cronyism are deeply embedded in Pakistani politics.

Also, Dr Qadri cited that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Report and revealed Pakistan was the 8th leading country in agricultural production and export however this had deteriorated over the years due to bad governance and corrupt practices of the incumbent ruling elite. Furthermore, Dr Qadri highlighted the failures of Pakistan’s rulers in providing basic services to the masses such as flood control and a coherent infrastructure which has been woefully non-existent.

In drawing parallels between Pakistan and its neighbouring country India, Dr Qadri stated that after 65 years, India continues to excel Pakistan in many fields. Due to effective governance, India has reached new heights and remains unrivalled when it comes to the state’s accomplishments in political, educational, economic and communication development fronts during this era. In giving an example, Dr Qadri informed the masses that in order to tackle the growing energy crisis, India has been willing to formulate and implement effective strategies such as the formation of a Ministry of New and Renewable Energy focusing on solar energy, integrated rural energy programme, geo -thermal energy as well as national biomass cook store programmes.

Dr Qadri also delved into the Human Development Report which states that Pakistan remains stagnant in the field of human development as aspects such as bad governance, corruption, nepotism and politicization of state institutes have significantly impeded progress. In an alarming revelation, Dr Qadri disclosed that rates of natural death have plummeted over the years and Pakistan remains an anomaly in this area, as approximately 20 000 people die on an annual basis. Neighbouring countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and Nigeria have seen considerable improvement due to an increase in sanitation and effective medical facilities whereas the position of Pakistan continues to spiral downhill.

Concluding his keynote address, the PAT chief stated Pakistan is drifting toward moral anarchy and lawlessness. The inability of the ruling elite to effectively govern exposes the sheer incompetence of political elite. Amidst widespread nepotism, the ordinary citizens face a thoroughly dishonest system where laws are subverted even by the guardians of law. Dr Qadri stated that the current system was the single most glaring cause of Pakistan’s spiralling downfall and it was the work of the 180 million people to reject the corrupt, despotic and exploitative system in its absolute.

Staying strong willed and confident as ever Dr Qadri stated that the rulers grasp on this nation is now limited to days and weeks now. It was now the responsibility of the masses to continue raising their voices against the ineptitude, woeful governance and disparity of the so called elected elite in society. In re-affirming his stance, Dr Qadri once again remarked that for Pakistan to prosper, these leaders must be dethroned and stringent accountability placed on their heads otherwise Pakistan will flounder in to further darkness and depression. It is now the choice of the people to wake up and stand up for their rights and break free from the invisible shackles which have imprisoned the poor and destitute for the past 67 years. 

(Hundreds and thousands of participants from revolutionary sit-ins attentively listen to the keynote address of Chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), Dr Tahir ul Qadri)



20th September | Dynastic Politics and Democratic Deficit Prevail

Ex-parliamentarian, renowned constitutional expert and the patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)’s revolutionary movement Dr Qadri commenced his keynote address by congratulating the participants of the revolutionary sit-in. At the commencement of today’s keynote address, Dr Qadri stated that the participants of the sit-in had set a pioneering example of steadfastness as well as playing a pivotal role in the national awakening which has taken place in the country. Supporters of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)’s 10-point revolutionary agenda remain committed and continue to clog the streets of Islamabad ultimately pursuing to oust the illegitimate set up.

Soon after congratulating the masses, Dr Qadri spoke about how the preamble to Pakistan’s constitution states that the principles of egalitarianism shall be fully observed and also that the state shall guarantee fundamental rights, including equality of status, of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice. However the professed equality and socio-economic provisions guaranteed in the Constitution stand in stark contrast to the pervasive lack of socio-economic rights conferred onto the masses by the ruling elite. Dr Qadri further elucidated that constitutional guarantees of adequate healthcare, education and employment had been denied to the masses resulting in a disparate impact on the poorer and impoverished strata’s of society.

Dr Qadri informed the masses as well as simultaneously speaking to national media that the objectives of the revolutionary sit-in was to achieve socio-economic provisions which the ruling elite had failed to confer in the three decades they had ruled the nation.

Furthermore Dr Qadri expounded that a convention organised by PML-N resonated with slogans of “Go Nawaz Go” thus indicating that the masses had rejected the despotic, exploitative and corrupt system and the unconstitutional office of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in its entirety.

The socio-economic crisis the country is facing was a revelation to many as in an alarming disclosure; Dr Qadri revealed that the HDR 2014 released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reveals half of Pakistan’s population are living under the multidimensional poverty line. The report implies that millions across the country are living under the income poverty line simultaneously suffering deprivations in education, health and other living conditions. Dr Qadri stated that whilst multidimensional poverty had plagued the nation, politicians who chant the mantra of “democracy” in Parliament have failed to endorse the report’s recommendations and pledge increases in healthcare and education budgets.

In stating this, Dr Qadri gave statistical comparisons between two time periods, one being the military regime of Pervez Musharraf contrasting with the democratic governments of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N). Dr Qadri informed the masses that Pakistan experienced rapid economic and human capital growth in the years Musharraf ruled the country. Contrary to the current government, the military regime of Musharraf saw an unprecedented growth in socio-economic developments which hit new records and the rate of increase in human development reached new highs. Dr Qadri revealed the incumbent politicians have failed to give the socio-economic rights the importance they herald, also given the pivotal role they play in building the foundations of a state and a functional democracy. The emphasis of the ruling elite have been to depend heavily on loans and foreign assistance for survival and minimal efforts toward socio economic development, restructuring and educational reforms.

In concluding his address, the PAT chief espoused how a major political overhaul was the urgent need of the masses as state institutes responsible for providing justice and accountability had been tainted by nepotistic practices. Dr Qadri also stated the failure of institutions was mainly due to the lack of rule of law within the country which has been the main obstacle in eliminating corruption, nepotism and dishonest practices.

Sadly the country is governed in a dynastic way with the full use of winning horses to further strengthen their power in parliament. One must wonder and question, how can the same faces who have governed this nation in to the ground over the past thirty years, be the saviours of this nation at the same time? Einstein eloquently phrased decades ago that repeating the same thing over and over again with the hope and perception of differing results is the epitome of insanity.

Likewise Dr Qadri has taken it upon himself to teach the nation that those championing for the restoration and implementation of democracy are the same individuals who are responsible for the mess this nation is in. Dr Qadri’s stance is clear, unless the despot rulers are not removed and a path paved for stringent and non-forgiving accountability, this nation will never prosper and come out of the abyss it is currently engulfed in. 


19th September | From Constitution Avenue to Education City | #GoNawazGo

19th September 2014 marks the 35th day of the historical revolutionary sit-in and was initiated by patron-in-chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) by his keynote address. This began with informing the peaceful protestors that the influence of the revolutionary movement has rippled across the country and his become inherent, if not inevitable as today, a rally organised by the PML-N resounded with the slogans of “Go Nawaz Go”. The PAT chief congratulated the participants of the revolutionary sit-in, further stating that the ongoing struggle for a populist socio-economic uprising had heralded a national awakening in the country and how the PAT would be remembered as having pioneered this initiative.

In discussing the contributions of Mao Tse-tung, one the greatest revolutionaries of modern times, Dr Qadri explained how Mao’s theory and practice against Opium addiction liberated the people of China. Dr Qadri thus expounded that Mao focused on the theoretical, organisational and practical methodologies in order to ensure that the People’s Revolution was effectively tackling problems in China and benefitting the masses at grassroots level.

Furthermore, in rebuttal of false allegations against the PAT propagated by Federal Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique on national television, Dr Qadri clarified that his political party had never received fundings from any internal or external agencies. Dr Qadri further reiterated that the ruling elite should authorise a law which awards capital punishment for any political party which is foreign-funded, stating that he would be the first to accept scrutiny and investigation in this regard. Expounding further, Dr Qadri challenged the ruling elite and stated that the Parliament should also validate capital punishment for parliamentarians who have been engaged in corrupt practices. Dr Qadri stated that this challenge would likely be rejected by the incumbent politicians as countless parliamentarians have been exposed for their unconstitutional practices of law-breaking, tax evading and possessing fake degrees rendering their seat within the national assembly as unjust and a crime against the entire nation.

In elucidating the educational priority of the revolutionary movement, Dr Qadri proudly detailed the transformation of Constitution Avenue to an education city, a home away from home, as PAT protestors have organised classes for thousands of young men, women and children. Dr Qadri strongly condemned the governments incompetence’s as the federal authorities have shut down hundreds of schools in Islamabad and Rawalpindi under the pretext of political disruption; approximately 30,000 young children have been prevented from gaining an education. Dr Qadri vehemently stated that an education board has been established within the march in which fifty-one teachers are running the schooling system, most of whom are Phd, MPhil and MA holders in the revolutionary sit-in. Moreover, seven schools have been opened and thousands of young men, women and children have free access to the highest standards of education. Dr Qadri further revealed that 132 pupils at the revolutionary sit-in were preparing for their matriculate examinations. In stating this, Dr Qadri openly invited the thousands who were denied education in the Islamabad and Rawalpindi areas to join the schooling system in the sit-in, guaranteeing free provisions of stationary, books and other essentials.

Speaking about the joint parliamentary sessions, Dr Qadri stated that after convening joint sessions of the assembly for weeks, the incompetent Sharif had failed to rise above the petty political rivalries in Parliament as opposed to making determined efforts to solve the ongoing political dilemma within the country. National media recently exposed that an approximately 60,000,000 rupees had been spent per day on joint parliamentary sessions. Furthermore, Dr Qadri stated that the law and democracy had become dysfunctional in the country, whilst the Constitution had been practically suspended by the ruling elite. Whilst it is possible for a gross amount of state funds to be spent on unimportant issues, the main concerns still remain unaddressed and unheard of, particularly on the parliament floor. The parliamentarians could easily agree to implement Article 38, promising food, housing, medical relief and necessary aids to the common man. Dr Qadri reaffirmed that if the parliamentarians agreed to instil the Constitution in letter and spirit, the sit-in would conclude and the masses could resume to their daily affairs. Such acts would have forced the sit-in to conclude, but no such initiative has been detected as of yet. Dr Qadri explained the simplicity of the demands of the masses, even if only Articles 37 and 38 were to be fulfilled, this ocean of people would have been satisfied but instead, thirty-five days later, the masses still remain in want of their basic human rights.

According to what looked like a prolonged battle between the Government and peaceful protestors, the pro-democracy protests continue manifesting excellent political conduct, remarkable resolve and fervour to the cause. The incumbent Government is clutching at its last straws trying to find all possible methods of sending the masses home. However it is clear that the masses have stood up for their rights and that they are prepared to change the destiny of every citizen of Pakistan, no matter how long it takes.

(Image of supporters of Dr Qadri’s populist socio-economic agenda participate in school in the revolutionary sit-ins)



18th September | No More VIP Culture

No doubt, the revolutionary sit in has ignited the flame of hope and optimism in the hearts of the distressed masses who for years have been victims of the despotic and exploitative system of Pakistan. Hundreds continue to flood in to join the assemblage of peaceful protestors in the revolutionary sit-in led by renowned constitutionalist and ex-parliamentarian Dr Tahir ul Qadri.

An aged couple from Dera Ghazi Khan joined the demonstration today after their son was subject to a violent attack by criminals as a result of which he lost both of his legs. Afflicting the couple with yet more hardship, despite continuous pleas, the authorities have failed to register an official enquiry to investigate the criminal act. The police have registered FIR’s against 4 of the victim’s brothers, and officers have also broken into their house and stolen household items.

This example unfortunately implies a singular case of Pakistan’s failed justice system as well as strengthening the need of a populist socio-economic uprising in Pakistan. The unjust cruelty is not an anomaly, there are countless incidents in which the poverty stricken sections of Pakistan are totally eliminated from obtaining justice, with the control of the authorities resting in the clutches of the wealthy ruling elite, who can bid for the services of the law to work in their favour.

Furthermore, in another incident, a 7 year old female has been a rape victim perpetrated by a gangster however; the police have failed to launch an investigation against the perpetrator because they fear his powerful status. Casualties of this tyrannical system who have nowhere to turn to are viewing the revolutionary protest led by Dr Qadri as the only beacon of light in the abyss of despair.

Dr Qadri began his keynote address by drawing attention to the VIP culture which has dominated the political arena of Pakistan for decades. It is common practice in Pakistan for political figures to be accompanied by excessive security personnel and to be chauffeured around in top of the range vehicles. Illustrating how the general public has started to reject VIP practices of exhibiting their lavishness, Dr Qadri reported a recent event of the minister of Sindh who was prevented from progressing further on his route unlawfully by a group of people. The impact of the crowd was so powerful that the minster had to change the direction of his journey therefore obligated to respect the due process of law. Dr Qadri congratulated the protestors stating that their valour and bravery had given the people of Pakistan confidence to stand up against unethical practices.

Addressing the swarm of peaceful protestors supportive of his populist socio-economic agenda, Dr Qadri displayed two images to the protestors and asked them to analyse and comparatively study both pictures. One image was of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif which showed him seated with other political officials in a room that was luxuriously decorated with extravagant ornaments. The other picture depicted the total opposite of this which showed India’s Prime Minister Narendra Mohdi sitting on the floor with the Chinese Prime Minister. Dr Qadri stated that these pictures clearly represent the egocentric culture of indulgence and self-gratification which is common amongst the corrupt political elite of Pakistan.

On the morning of the 31st August 2014, Pakistan Television Studio was stormed by protestors, who allegedly suspended the channels transmission which was restored 15 minutes later. Dr Qadri revealed the truth today by referring to the verbal statement given by the general manager of PTV, Waqar Azeem. Azeem stated that he has worked at PTV for 35 years, and if he wanted to suspend the transmission, he wouldn’t know how to as this information is only known by special engineers. Azeem further mentioned that pictures being published by the media showing those that attacked the building are actually PTV employees.

In exposing this scandal by the government, Dr Qadri raised the question that if Pakistani Awami Tehreek protestors actually did attack PTV, then they would have wreaked havoc and destroyed everything, and it would have taken weeks if not months to fix the equipment in the building. Dr Qadri questioned how bizarre it was that just after 15 minutes, the transmission was restored. The protestors have been reported as being supposedly violent, so Dr Qadri also raised the question that why did Marvi Memon (politician of PML-N) arrive on the scene so suddenly, gave a speech to the media and escaped the protestors so freely. The queries of Dr Qadri reveal that eyebrows are being raised at this incident and there is considerable evidence to suggest that the attack on PTV was orchestrated by those in power.

Revealing the unrivalled corruption of the current leadership of Pakistan, Dr Qadri quoted from the book entitled “Capitalism’s Achilles Heel” written by Raymond W Baker. Baker writes that the Sharif family have taken 20 billion rupees from Pakistani banks, they played a main part in the 16 billion rupees of corruption that occurred in the motorway project as well as the 6 billion rupees that was lost to corruption in the import of wheat. Baker also sheds light on British Virgin Islands that are set up with specific companies that Nawaz Sharif uses for corruption and money laundering.

Dr Qadri concluded his historic address by informing the masses that the corrupt ruling elite have failed to invest finances in essential socio-economic developments such as health, education, employment and housing. Baker’s research clearly reveals that the present rulers have looted the wealth of this country leaving the economy fragile and vulnerable as well as the people in a discontent, poor, destitute and impoverished state. As the 19th August 2014 dawns in on the country, the work to rebuild Pakistan has begun, as Pakisan Awami Tehreek workers remain as dedicated as ever to the cause of a populist socio-economic uprising.

Ex-parliamentarian and renowned constitutional expert Dr Qadri addressing the participants of the revolutionary sit-in



17th September | Human Development Index - Pakistan Remains Stagnant

As a new day dawns in Islamabad, the streets of the capital remain clogged with peaceful protesters participating in the revolutionary sit-in with a vision to oust the illegitimate government. Protesters remain determined and the public dissent with the incumbent political situation continues to grow, the national consensus has assembled on the belief that today’s Pakistan is rife with corruption, exploitation, gross negligence whilst simultaneously human rights seem to be non-existent.

As the masses eagerly anticipated the keynote address of renowned constitutional expert, the patron-in-chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)’s revolutionary movement, the increasing number of protestors joining the revolutionary sit-in on a daily basis can only be interpreted as an absolute rejection of the current political set up.

In addressing the participants of the revolutionary sit-in, Dr Qadri informed the masses that the registration of two FIR’s against the current government had heralded major achievements of the movement. Furthermore, Dr Qadri elucidated that not a single speech by the opposition parties in Parliament had failed to address the democratic deficit, corruption, exploitation and lack of rule of law within the country. Dr Qadri exposed the status quo parties by stating that although hundreds of parliamentarians had acknowledged the fragility of democratic process within the country, they had formed coalitions to save their seats in Parliament in hope of clutching onto power.

Whilst emphasizing absolute necessity of the immediate resignation of Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet, Dr Qadri expounded that the writ and authority of Nawaz Sharif’s government has shattered completely. In stating this, Dr Qadri also cited examples of economically developed democracies worldwide in which Prime Ministers of their respective country resigned in order to respect the due process of law.

Dr Qadri cited the example of South Korea in which the prime minister resigned over the government’s inadequate handling of a ferry sinking that left more than 300 people dead. Prime Minister of South Korea’s resignation came amid rising indignation over claims by the victims’ relatives and thousands others who claimed the government failed to protect or rescue those who drowned.

Additionally, Dr Qadri also cited the example of Libya in which the Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni and his cabinet resigned in order to pave the way in forming a new government after parliamentary elections. In revealing the resignations of dignified prime ministers across the world, Dr Qadri also revealed that after the governing coalition of the Parliament in Ukraine collapsed, creating uncertainty about the makeup of the government, the Ukrainian Prime Minister also resigned abruptly as a result.

Dr Qadri stated that the incumbent ruling elite had failed to formulate and implement an effective anti-terrorism policy as well as their glaringly obvious incompetence in trying to build a systematic infrastructure to control the floods which have caused havoc over the past fifteen days. A more potent and worrying sign of politicization within state institutions can be seen in the way the government has ordered police brutality in Model Town and Islamabad on peaceful protestors. With all this in mind, it has given a notion and ultimately proven that the current government is unconstitutional and has failed to address the problems of the common folk, therefore do not have legal or moral authority to continue ruling the country.

Furthermore, Pakistan has continued its dismal performance in the field of human development as it has failed to improve its position on the Human Development Index (HDI) for consecutive years. Despite being rich in natural resources, Dr Qadri revealed that Pakistan continues to be the cradle of human deprivation whilst informing the masses that the proportion of population living under the multidimensional poverty has plummeted over the past year. Citizens living under multidimensional poverty in neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, India and Vietnam have decreased considerably and these countries have seen unprecedented growth in the field of human development whereas the status of Pakistan remains stagnant. It is a sad reality that a country which calls itself a democracy and who follows and loves to mirror the western civilization still has over 40% of its citizens living below the poverty line.

The question arises, why is the country of Pakistan which was built on universal democratic values now in the lowest category of the human development report? Dr Qadri answered this question by referring to various reports available in the National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan that shed light on the extensive corruption in many institutions and corporations. Dr Qadri elucidated that the trade and development authority of Pakistan revealed corruption of 8 billion rupees, employees old age benefit institution also reported 40 billion rupees of corruption, and the national insurance corporation was exposed as losing 9 billion rupees to corruption. Dr Qadri added, that the crooked rulers of Pakistan adopt devious tactics by unjustly choosing the chairman of NAB themselves who then withholds these reports from ever surfacing. The present system allows rulers to exercise an autocratic rule and if they are allowed to continue in these deceitful practices, the very existence of the state of Pakistan will be at risk.

Dr Qadri proposed a challenge to the ruling elite and asserted that he would withdraw his call for a revolution if Nawaz Sharif could assemble the “millions” of voters he continually cites who had given him such a large and substantial mandate. The PAT chief also clarified that revolution was an unstoppable force and that the struggle for this would continue till Pakistan emerged as a bright state shining the light for the horizon of the world.

Re-iterating his vision of a populist socio-economic uprising, Dr Qadri concluded that his struggle was to empower the common man. This was being blocked by mass negative and unsubstantiated propaganda from the ruling elite who are trying to mask their utter incompetence when it is clear that they had failed to confer the socio-economic provisions guaranteed in the Constitution to benefit the common folk. Dr Qadri further mentioned the fact that the constitution had been practically suspended and completely disregarded by the corrupt political elite who in turn push forward their own vested interests at the expense of the masses.



16th September | Increasing Pressure | #GoNawazGo

Supporters of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)’s 10-point revolutionary agenda for socio-economic reforms remain steadfast and committed after a month of protesting on the streets of the capital – Islamabad. For over a month now, the Pakistani public have been glued to their TV screens, watching the thousands of peaceful protestors who have exhibited great patience in the face of police brutality and extreme conditions demanding their constitutional rights. The demonstrators have also awoken their fellow Pakistani’s from a deep slumber and have made them consciously aware of what the constitution of Pakistan promises the average person. The ideological clarity given by the leader of the protest Dr Tahir ul Qadri has been unprecedented and has been pivotal in transforming the mind-set of the general public, as people now realise the failings of this corrupt system and how the fraudulent make up of Pakistani politics has disempowered the common man.

Not only was the slogan “Go Nawaz Go” on the tongues of the protestors and people of Pakistan, but Dr Qadri also initiated today’s keynote address by reciting a poem entitled “Go Nawaz Go”, which is illustrative of how the masses across the country have rejected the incumbent system in its absolute. Dr Qadri admired the public of Pakistan that have been pushing forward the campaign of “Go Nawaz Go” throughout social media networks as well as raising this slogan when Nawaz Sharif visits a flooded area of Pakistan.

Speaking about the Sharif family members who have boarded a flight to London today, Dr Qadri informed the protestors of the situation that occurred on the plane. Members of the Sharif household had booked business class tickets and also tried to sneak one of their maids on to the business class cabin. When confronted by cabin crew, the daughter of Nawaz Sharif stated that this was her flight at which the pilot refused to take off until the maid had relocated to her pre booked economy seat. Dr Qadri applauded this act of courage displayed by the pilot, and described this action as a practical demonstration of the phrase “Go Nawaz Go” which has materialised across the country. Dr Qadri expressed that this slogan had become an anthem for Pakistan and the demise of the tyrannical and deceitful system was fast approaching.

Furthermore, in revealing the crooked practices of the ruling elite, Dr Qadri informed the masses that out of 13 Swiss banks, he has the details of two banks that have a total of 10 billion rupees within their deposits belonging to the corrupt ruling elite of Pakistan. Dr Qadri also revealed the names of the specific individuals that the Sharif family have taken assistance from in order to launder money and build an extraordinary bank balance in Switzerland. Expounding further, Dr Qadri articulated on the recent flyover that has been built in Lahore, Azadi Chowk. There were allegations of corruption when land was purchased for this project which led Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif to devise a team to investigate. Soon after the inquest, it was revealed that over 3 billion rupees were lost to corruption and the report declared Shehbaz Sharif and Humza Shehbaz Sharif as the prime offenders of this scam. Shehbaz Sharif exercised his authority in an unethical manner and stopped this report from surfacing. In addition, Dr Qadri shed light on PML-N’s last term in power in the 1990’s, where they borrowed more than 10 billion rupees from nationalised banks which they never returned. During their current rule, the Sharif family have already taken 600 million rupees in loans. Dr Qadri, went on to emphasise that the country’s wealth and resources needed to be freed from the clutches of these rotten rulers.

Speaking about the strategy relating to restructuring systems so that justice, law, and provisions can be provided to the grass root levels, Dr Qadri cited several examples of economically developed democracies across the globe that have transformed their systems for the benefit of the people. Dr Qadri stated that post revolution Pakistan will see the formation of many more states, hundreds of urban and rural governments will be created, and every ward will operate on its own administration. Dr Qadri elucidated his plan by clarifying that after revolution, anywhere there is a population of 500 people would be classified as a unit, 10 units will be made up of 5000 people and a rural council will be established, and wherever there is 100,000 people smaller governments will be formed to resolve local issues promptly. Adding on, Dr Qadri also mentioned that small local juries will also be established so that justice is available at everyone’s door step. Dr Qadri presented facts and figures of countries that have followed this system and have succeeded in developing socially and economically thus ensuring each citizen reaps the benefits of true democracy.

With the failures of the current obsolete and corrupt system, along with the government’s inability to effectively resolve people’s problems, it is no surprise that the 10-point revolutionary agenda is attractive to millions across the country. The masses have hope in the renowned constitutionalist, Dr Qadri who has worked out a system which will enable the country to progress and develop politically, socially, economically as well as educationally. A salient and quite a remarkable feature of the anti-corruption and pro-democracy sit-ins is that the supporters of PAT continue to exhibit remarkable zeal in their quest to attain true democracy. The difficult conditions being enduring, and an increasing threat of government attacks on the sit-ins, the masses protesting for socio-economic rights remain charged and full of energy even after a month of protesting.

A photo of PAT protestors from the revolutionary during Dr. Qadri’s keynote speech 



BBC World: Our Struggle is Peaceful & Democratic, Dr Qadri

### 1 Do you believe in democracy?

Absolutely, 100% I believe in democracy.

### 2 So if you don’t win an election democratically, what gives you the right to try and change that decision?

I believe in elections, but last year we boycotted the elections on a constitutional reason. And the train was the electoral commission which conducts the general election was formed in violation of article 213 and 218 of the constitution of Pakistan. Hearing was never in appointment of any member of the electoral commission, so we said this election is invalid, unconstitutional and illegitimate. We had a boycott.

### 3 Nawaz Sharif though has now launched an enquiry into the role of that commission and you alongside Imran Khan … Imran Khan has no hope whatsoever of winning an outright majority against Nawaz Sharif who won with a landslide.

I won’t comment on Imran Khans stance but I would say that Nawaz Sharif has not allowed any independent enquiry up till now. We had a charter of demands consisting of 12 articles and we said if the first two are fulfilled we are ready to give the time, as much as Sharif wants. The first is registration of FIR against the incident which took place on 17th of June where 14 innocent people were killed in a public massacre under Punjab government instruction, and 90 were injured… (interrupted)

### 4 And again an investigation has been launched into that as well sir

Yes, an investigation took place and an enquiry tribunal was formed and the judge has given the report. The judge of the enquiry tribunal has categorically and clearly declared that the Punjab government is directly responsible for this public massacre. And Sharif has hidden that report, he has not been ready to make it public for the last three weeks. And everybody in the country has demanded that it is a public document so democratically and constitutionally speaking, under the right of access to information, we have a right to know who has been declared responsible for this public massacre. But they have not declared it. They are hiding it.

### 5 Do you have the right, Mr.Qadri, to try and hold Nawaz Sharif ransom when he represents so many more people than you and your party do and at a time when Pakistan needs to have stability when you are fighting the Taliban, when you have problems with India which continue. This is surely not the time to perhaps potentially lead to another military coup.

Your question consists of two different parts. Let me answer the second one first, regarding the Taliban and war on terror. Nawaz Sharif and Sharif family is the family who is the sponsorer of terrorists, he is the promoter of terrorists and he has been funding them, the Sipah-e-sahaba and Lashkar jhangvi and jaishae muhammad and all these Taliban of Punjab are working under his sponsorship and under his funding. And they have been supporting … (interrupted)

### Alright well he will obviously deny that. Go to my first point though please.

And the first point is that we say the mandate was stolen, the mandate was illegal, because election commission was unconstitutionally formed and it was supposed to be held under the election commission but the former Chief Justice of Pakistan took the responsibility of appointing the returning officers directly. He was a close friend of Nawaz Sharif. And the election took place in violation of article 62 and 63 of the constitution. So the whole election was invalid and unconstitutional. (interrupt)

### 6 You’re on record for saying that Pakistan needs a revolution. What sort of revolution does Pakistan need?

This is just a word. Revolution just means a change. It can be educational revolution, it can be a moral revolution in a school, in a university, it can be an economical revolution, it can be a social democratic revolution. We believe in democratic change, in democratic reforms. So the word revolution is commonly used in Pakistan, in a totally positive way. If a child who is a member of a gang becomes a law abiding man, we say there is a great revolution in the life of this young man. If the syllabus is changed and it fulfils the requirements of the society we say there is a great revolution in education. So the word revolution means positive change, it is democratic, totally green, it is peaceful, non-violent. We want rule of law, we want total implementation of constitution.

### 7 One last question - People have lost their lives. Isn’t the risk now that you and Mr.Khan are incapable of controlling your supporters and that there will be more bloodshed?

Well the question is when 17th of June public massacre took place in Model Town, who was responsible? Neither I was present there, I was in Canada, nor Khan was present there. This was the Sharif government who sent 1000 commandos at 12 o clock midnight. They started shelling for a 14 hour operation and finally in the last two hours they shot leaving 14 dead and 90 injured. Who was there? Who was responsible? Who was responsible for not controlling the mob? They are in fact the assassinators, the killers and terrorists. They do not believe in democracy. They do not believe in peaceful settlement.

 Interview: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=718663318211191


15th September | A Democracy in Name Only | #GoNawazGo

Pakistanis have yearned for true democracy for the last 67 years. It is a matter of great misfortune that whilst citizens of true democratic nations celebrate International Democracy Day, the demands of the participants of the pro-democracy and anti-corruption sit-ins in Pakistan remain unanswered as the government remains unshaken despite 33 days of protesting.

Whilst addressing the swarms of peaceful protestors in Islamabad, the constitutional expert and patron-in-chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Dr Qadri initiated his keynote address by revoking the global “Go Nawaz Go” campaign initiated a day earlier. Dr Qadri professed that the retraction for writing the slogan was made after conducting hours of research, which concluded that the act of writing statements of a political nature on currency was illegal and would render it useless. Therefore, a withdrawal was made with the intention of acting in the best interests of the state of Pakistan and also ensured that the protesters continued to act lawfully. However, Dr Qadri asserted that the “Go Nawaz Go” slogan must go viral on all social media networks and it was the responsibility of his workers to ensure the success of this campaign via these valuable platforms.

Furthermore, continuing his keynote address, Dr Qadri revealed that a First Information Report (FIR) had been lodged against the incumbent government for the unprecedented police brutality which occurred in Islamabad on the 31st of August 2014. It was revealed that after several attempts of lodging an FIR, the Session Court promulgated the District Session Judge’s orders to submit an FIR against 11 individuals from the current government. These individuals have been made directly responsible for massacre which ensued, namely Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar.

Dr Qadri clarified that the basic purpose of PAT’s ongoing protests was not merely seeking justice for the Model Town massacre but a revolution for the whole country. Re-iterating his vision of a populist socio-economic uprising, Dr Qadri restated that his movement is for the weak, oppressed and impoverished strata of society. Addressing the swarm of Revolutionary march participants, Dr Qadri further expounded that the struggle for revolution was against the oppressors sitting in Parliament.

In pointing out the mega corruption of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Dr Qadri articulated that the ruling elite were not concerned with the welfare of citizens, and in turn their only concern was saving their own business empires. This was apparent for all to see when the floods battered towns and cities across Punjab. Instead of dealing with the desolation which it left in its wake, the floods were diverted to particular locations where the poor and destitute were resident, in order to save their own property and land. As a result of the diversion of the waters, Dr Qadri revealed the lives and labour of the poor and impoverished had been destroyed completely.

Whilst explaining the unprecedented police brutality faced by the participants of the revolutionary sit-in, the victims of the Islamabad Massacre were requested to show the world their injuries for the purpose of publication in both print and electronic media. The wounds of those injured during this massacre proved that metallic bullets had indeed been fired by police officers at peaceful protestors therefore quashing the false statements that tear gas shelling was the single and only method of crowd dispersal used.

Dr Qadri also revealed that the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital in Islamabad and other hospital authorities responsible for the medical treatment of the injured protesters, had discharged these patients so that the nature and kind of injury would not be recorded on their medical reports due to intense governmental pressure.

Additionally, reports of protestors were tampered with as medical certificates have out rightly failed to include the severity and nature of the injuries tolerated by the protestors due to instructions directly ordered by the federal authorities of Pakistan. Dr Qadri asserted that the nature and extent of the police brutality has been unrivalled in democratic nations, It is noteworthy that a country in which a government employs such brutal methods of crowd dispersal cannot be termed as democratic.

Soon after, Dr Qadri rationally conversed about the topic of democracy and stated that democracy is a system which ensures good governance, transparency, self-accountability, equal representation and instantaneous access to justice via the courts. Whilst speaking about democracy, Dr Qadri informed the masses that his agenda of devolution of power to grassroots level would ensure the empowerment of the common man and the systematic operation of participatory democracy in the country. Dr Qadri delved deeper into the notion of democracy by citing the United Nations Resolution 2000 which encapsulates:

“Recognizing the need to address persistent inequalities and discrimination on any grounds, which hamper the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and the key actions for its further implementation, especially for those groups that are particularly disadvantaged.”

Dr Qadri expressed that if these principles were not achieved by Pakistan, the country cannot be termed as democratic.

Throwing light on the broad contour of the next and decisive phase of the post-revolutionary struggle, Dr Qadri said that his revolution would put an end to nepotism and put in place a real democracy in the country and that after the revolution, every individual would have uninterrupted access to socio-economic justice and equality of opportunity. Furthermore, 35 new provinces would be created and powers would be devolved to the masses at the grass-roots level.

Dr Qadri also expressed that the Parliament is not representative of the 180 million Pakistanis and termed it as unconstitutional, illegal and undemocratic as members entered the corridors of power through rigged elections. Dr Qadri went on to state that any constitutional, political, economic and electoral reforms are impossible if the ruling elite remain attached to their illegitimate political posts.

In his concluding remarks, Dr Qadri remarked that the previous week had been unprecedented whereby Pakistanis had categorically rejected this oppressive regime. As crowds gathered across the country, they had exhibited their absolute rejection of the current government with chants of “Go Nawaz Go”. This in itself is a revolution of the mind as the masses are finally waking up and realizing that absolute change is a must and without it, the fate of the poor and desolate will never become a reality. PAT has played a pivotal role and thus the decisive struggle for change and revolution is not too far away now. 

(Protestors displaying their injuries inflicted onto them by police brutality in the revolutionary sit-in)



14th September | Dr Qadri initiates a global ‘Go Nawaz Go’ campaign | #PakistanRejectsNawaz

The patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)’s revolutionary movement Dr Qadri held an exclusive press conference where victims of the Islamabad Massacre were requested to display their injuries for the purpose of print and electronic media.

The wounds of the individuals proved that metallic bullets had been fired and quelled the false statements issued by the government that tear gas shelling was the only mode of crowd dispersal utilised by the police officers against the peaceful protesters on 31st August 2014. If the discovery of 32mm bullets on the morning after the fateful night was not enough evidence, there were victims present that still had projectiles lodged in their anatomy as the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital in Islamabad, responsible for the treatment of the injured protesters, had discharged these patients so that the nature and kind of injury would not be recorded on their medical reports.

Soon after, Dr Qadri also revealed that in the last 3 days, 22 vehicles have been seized, 2331 confirmed arrests have been made with a further estimated 21,373 arrest warrants being drafted - actions that are all in violation of Article 16.

At the commencement of the day’s keynote address, Dr Qadri informed the masses that the police had seized vehicles transporting petrol and diesel intended for the generators that provide the sit-in with electricity, and also arrested the drivers. Furthermore, the constitutional expert who has educated the country about their basic rights stated that these actions illustrate that the protester’s determination and self-sufficiency along with nationwide chants rejecting the Sharif regime is causing fear to permeate through the government’s being. 

Dr Qadri then held aloft an FIR that had been filed detailing the abduction and gang-rape of a woman in Faisalabad carried out by the three sons of an MNA representative from PML-N on 11th September at 10pm. She was not only refused a medical check that would have provided evidence as part of a prospective investigation, but her family was pressured and threatened by the MNA to the point that they annulled the FIR. This is a prime example of how the government has hijacked the judicial system where perpetrators walk away free for their crimes whilst the honour and dignity of a Pakistani citizen is considered worthless. Furthermore, Dr Qadri elucidated that this country’s Constitution should declare a hunger strike as the sacred charter has been usurped by the ruling elite who bend it to their will so that it benefits them and when someone else commits an act that they deem unconstitutional they execute their distorted version of justice upon them.

Today’s address reiterated that the purpose of this protest was not just to show solidarity for the people martyred in Model Town but also to those poor and destitute that have become victims under these rulers who have slain the Constitution. Dr Qadri proclaimed that this movement seeks to bring reforms throughout all state institutions so they may function independently without being subject to political victimisation from the ruling class so they are able to provide services that exercise justice and equality irrespective of an individual’s socio-economic status.  

Dr Qadri delved deeper into the government’s transgression by citing an incident that occurred in his own hometown of Jang. There were plans to break a dam so that accumulating flood water could be diverted away from populous regions. However, the public funds made available for this project were used to build a bridge over the River Chenab so that there would be quicker access a sugar mill owned by the Sharif family, despite bridges and access roads being available with the total spend coming to 250 billion rupees. With this same money people’s lives and property could have been saved from the devastation caused by the floods. Also in another case, the Sharif household spent 97 billion rupees on the temporary reinforcement of a dam with an attempt to save two of their sugar mills.

In exposing the sheer incompetence’s of the incumbent ruling elite, Dr Qadri stated that the corrupt parties take turns in gaining maximum benefit from Pakistan’s riches and that PAT are striving to change the system, of which the Sharif government is a benefactor. Pakistan requires a system free of loopholes and with complete transparency from the level of local councils and unions so that anyone who is part of the political and judicial process is accountable for their actions.

Dr Qadri then revealed to the crowd a shocking letter that was written on the 12th of August, two days prior to the Inqilab March, from Nawaz Sharif to the Investigative Bureau. The document contained details of a supplementary grant of 2.75 billion rupees with the main objective of using brute force against the peaceful protesters. The shocking statistic was that the entire year’s budget that the Investigative Bureau received for this year was 200 million rupees, a small fraction of the grant. Dr Qadri stated that in accordance of Articles 169 and 170 all accounts detailing the government’s spending has to be audited, and if this system remains the government will continue to spend more on subverted practices.

As the protests enter their second month, the protesters remain resolute and Dr Qadri continues to expose this government. Dr Qadri reaffirmed his stance that the government should be tried for high treason and set a new trend by inscribing on a 50 rupee bill the phrase “GoNawazGo”, encouraging people throughout the country to do so in kind on every note. This action will allow the protester’s message of the absolute rejection of this system being sent on a material dear to the likes of the ruling class of Pakistan. The irony.

(Despite sever siege, unwarranted arrests of thousands of peaceful protestors and also facing unprecedented police brutality, the ocean of people remain steadfast even after 30 days of protesting)



13th September | Threat of Arrest | #GreenRevolution

At the orders of the government, the Punjab police have continued in their remorseless campaign of brutishness and cruelty against the non-violent and peace-loving protestors assembled in Islamabad’s red zone with a vision to oust the illegitimate government. Not only are the protestors in danger of planned police aggression however the families and friends dissociated from the peaceful demonstrations are also being arrested. Reports are coming in of women being victims of violent treatment and even children being placed under arrest. The protestors are increasing in their fervour and are full of optimism and certainty of achieving their objective and expelling corrupt rule from Pakistan despite the oppressive strategies utilised by the corrupt government. It has to be undoubtedly declared that the leader of the mainstream political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Dr Qadri has recorded history by assembling such huge crowds to protest outside for up to a month now, and in his remarkable ability in motivating and inspiring huge crowds, has also kept their spirits high.

Beginning his keynote address, Dr Qadri informed the swarm of protestors that he had received news that Nawaz Sharif had given the order to arrest him, and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan. Regarding Nawaz Sharif’s orders as being full of panic, Dr Qadri challenged Nawaz Sharif to arrest him and also emphasized that an arrest of Dr Qadri would be the funeral of the incumbent ruling elite. As well as orders to detain Dr Qadri, commands were also given to police to apprehend the peaceful protestors. On this occasion, Dr Qadri highlighted that the workers of PAT have faced unprecedented police brutality since they set off on the revolutionary journey for change, however despite the obstacles they have remained peaceful and unarmed. Protestors faced indiscriminate shelling and also direct shooting causing considerable injuries and deaths. Dr Qadri described these patient protestors as true Pakistani’s who sacrifice their sweat and blood for the betterment of the nation, whilst those in parliament continue to loot, steal, and sell off the country’s assets for their own prosperity.

Dr Qadri further termed the merging of political parties in the Parliament as forming a corrupt coalition. Jolting the memory of the thousands present, Dr Qadri also highlighted that it is astonishing that when this corrupt system is under threat, parties that have been bitterly opposed against each other suddenly form corrupt alliances in order to save their seats.

Whilst informing the masses about the illegally formed Election Commission of Pakistan, Dr Qadri explained that Articles 62 and 63 serve as a guideline in order to conduct free, fair and impartial elections thereby permitting an avenue for patriotic sincere to enter the national assembly. However contrarily, the Parliament of Pakistan contains criminally guilty ministers who hold fake degrees, they have defaulted bank loans, and are also accountable for not paying utility charges. Dr Qadri professed that this Parliament has come into being without fulfilling the criteria set out in articles 62 and 63 and therefore it is completely unconstitutional. In re-iterating his demands to the masses, Dr Qadri offered two solutions, either articles 62 and 63 should be removed from the constitution or the fraudulent rulers resign from their unconstitutional political posts.

Furthermore, it was a shocking revelation for the masses and those watching at home to learn that Pakistan spent less than 2% GDP on health and only 1.9% GDP on education. Dr Qadri also revealed that countries such as Bhutan, Angola and Bangladesh are considerably ahead of Pakistan in terms how much they spend on education and health facilities. Transparency, investment protection, primary education, quality of education, hiring and firing practices, loans for the poor, technology and scientific research all illustrate a drop compared to last year’s figures signalling that the country is heading towards complete political turmoil. Dr Qadri also shed light on the alarming poverty figures that have increased from 35% last year to over 50% this year. Dr Qadri informed the public that the plummeting position of Pakistan in accordance to these figures clearly reveals that if the incumbent ruling elite remain, then the very existence of Pakistan itself will be at risk.

Dr Qadri re-iterated that the desired goal of a political revolution is very near however an intellectual revolution has already arrived. In saying this, Dr Qadri explained that he has succeeded in changing the mentality of the 180 million people living in Pakistan. Dr Qadri has awakened the public from their deep slumber and educated them; the education of the people of Pakistan through this revolution alone has been an unprecedented achievement. Thousands more pour into Islamabad to demand their human rights, so one day they can promulgate to their future generations, that when Pakistan underwent a historical revolution, I participated.


12th September | Nationwide Crackdown Initiated

Mainstream media channels in Pakistan are flooding with the news that the Pakistan government has ordered a ruthless crackdown on the peaceful protesters of mainstream political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT). Reports and eye witness accounts confirm fresh troops of the Punjab Police have been deployed and have taken their positions; an attack on peaceful protesters of Pakistan Awami Tehreek is imminent.

Earlier in a briefing to the swarms of peaceful protesters, Dr Qadri elucidated that the police had initiated a nationwide crackdown on workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek and also arrested the personal security guards responsible for the protection and security of Dr Qadri, therefore becoming evident that the crackdown has already initiated. The unarmed protesters in Islamabad have previously been exposed to an excessive and disproportionate use of force unleashed by the Islamabad police. Hundreds of protestors were brutally attacked by the police with tear gas, sticks, rubber and 32mm bullets.

Furthermore, a few months ago a brutal massacre took place of supporters of PAT in Lahore which left 14 people dead and 97 injured after Punjab Police opened fire on unarmed innocent civilians. The attack carried out by the Punjab Police left the people of Pakistan questioning the reliability of law enforcement agencies and the institutions responsible for providing justice within their country. If such an attack could be imposed on the supporters of an organisation which is globally recognised for its promotion of peace, it could happen to any citizen or organisation which raises its voice against the existing despotic reign of Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif. All the facts at hand give strength to the notion that another brutal attack is imminent on the peaceful protestors that sit with Dr Qadri in the capital tonight.

Despite the threat of police brutality, the protesters are increasing in their resolute and fervour in demanding the inevitable resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The effect of illegitimate use of force against unarmed protesters has rippled through the country, as thousands are beginning to question the legitimacy of the incumbent Pakistan government.

The procedural requirements for the use of force are outlined in The United Nations Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials which stipulates that all security forces are required to comply with non-violent means before resorting to any use of force. This illustrates that any unconstitutional measures taken to attack peaceful activists of PAT or the leader of the anti-corruption movement Dr Qadri, will be a grave violation of international law as well as a violation of human rights.


12th September | Pakistan Rich in Natural Resources but Poor in Their Management | #StatusQuoVsOppressed

Whilst addressing thousands of people supportive of his populist socio-economic agenda, Pakistan Awami Tehreek PAT chief Dr Qadri initiated the proceedings by informing the masses that the Government had begun another unconstitutional crackdown on workers of PAT. Furthermore Dr Qadri elucidated that the police had also arrested the personal security guards responsible for his close circuit protection.  

In revealing the shameful acts of the Pakistan government, Dr Qadri informed the masses that through the arrest of the security guards in particular, the government had an underlying agenda of harming Dr Qadri in order to prevent the Revolutionary movement reaching its desired destination. Dr Qadri questioned the legitimacy of the incumbent government whilst also asserting that the so called elected parliamentarians do not have the democratic, legal, political or moral legitimacy to continue ruling the country.

Furthermore, Dr Qadri expounded that the judicial tribunal regarding the Flood Relief Report of 2010 did not enforce their findings and that the ruling elite were responsible for the disastrous consequences the country had to face. Another question posed was why had the commissions report never come to the public domain.

Addressing his workers, Dr Qadri also pointed out that the present electoral system was characterized by duress, rigging and the demonstration of naked physical power, further adding that, even those who wished to bring about change sincerely, were destined to fail under the current fraudulent system. As outlined in the Constitution of Pakistan, the Election Commission has failed to conduct free, fair and just elections which have become universally acknowledged by every political party, thus according to the law and constitution of the land this Assembly does not have mandate to continue ruling.

Pakistan is the third richest country in natural resources however the economy has failed to benefit from these assets due to the mismanagement and gross negligence of the ruling elite.  Furthermore, those who have usurped power have failed to manage the country. A clear and visible example of this is the protocol and importance given to the children of the Sharif family who are viewed as untouchables by any institution in this land to further empower their dynastic rule.

Dr Qadri also revealed that mines in the heart of Baluchistan are also being sold which have excessive wealth pouring from them such as uranium and platinum. Whilst these natural resources have the potential to transform the economy of Pakistan, the ruling elite have hoarded the wealth for their own vested interests.

On a concluding note, Dr Qadri stated throughout the struggle for a revolution, 26 people had been killed and 30,000 remain in prison unlawfully and indefinitely. Dr Qadri further reiterated that if the corrupt, despotic and tyrant-like rulers are not removed from their positions the country will further flounder and will never come out of the darkness that it has been purposefully trapped in.

Dr Qadri also spoke about the last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (s) in which the Prophet of Islam spoke about rights for everyone regardless of race, colour, creed and ethnicity and concluded that this is the vision we want Pakistan to also operate on.


11th September | Pakistan observes 66th death anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam | #StatusQuoVsOppressed

The 66th death anniversary of the great leader and founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah is being celebrated across the country today with great zeal. Simultaneously whilst thousands are paying visits to the Mausoleum of Quaid – E –Azam, ceremonies, tributes and different seminars are also conducted throughout the country. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the Leader of the Muslim league, as well as the key person to derive the concept of a separatist state for Muslims living in despotic conditions in India. Peaceful protestors and supporters of the revolutionary agenda proposed by Dr Qadri, leader of the mainstream political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek who have now been protesting outside in Islamabad’s red zone for 28 days also paid tributes to the nation’s leader. Jinnah played an instrumental role in the independence of Pakistan in 1947 and thus the sacrifices he rendered for the creation of a separate state will never be forgotten. First and foremost, Dr Qadri paid a remarkable tribute to the protestors who have exhibited extraordinary patience in the face of police brutality and extreme weather conditions.

Dr Qadri initiated his keynote address by quoting the historical speech given by Quaid-E-Azam to the Karachi Bar Association. Dr Qadri revisited Quaid-E-Azam’s statements in which he explained how he chose the educational institution to further his studies in the UK. After some time searching, Quaid-E-Azam arrived at Lincoln’s inn, and upon its main door was written, “Muhammad was the greatest law giver in the world”. Upon seeing this Quaid-E-Azam immediately enrolled at this institution, Dr Qadri elucidated that the love of the Prophet Muhammad was unquestionably strong in the heart of Quaid-E-Azam, and it was this love for the final Prophet of Islam that propelled Quaid-E-Azam to embark on his journey to create a state that we know today as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Furthermore, Dr Qadri demonstrated the influence of Prophet Muhammad (s) on Quaid-E-Azam by borrowing historic examples from another speech of Quaid-E-Azam delivered on the 25 January 1948 on the day of the Birth of the Prophet at the Karachi Bar association. Quaid-E-Azam expressed his admiration for the Prophet Muhammad by describing him as a great statesman and a sovereign leader. Quaid-E-Azam also highlighted that Islam was an all-encompassing code of conduct which regulated the lives of Muslims and was also based on the highest principles of honour. Quaid-E-Azam further stated that the Prophet Muhammad (s) was the greatest man the world had ever seen and had laid the foundations of democracy 1300 years ago. By drawing examples from Quaid-E-Azam’s speech, Dr Qadri was able to identify the ideological principles behind the thought process of Quaid-E-Azam when he formed the state of Pakistan. It is clear that Quaid-E-Azam espoused that the religion of Islam was a complete system of life and the Prophet Muhammad (s) also being the best examples to emulate. The values of a free economic and political system gifted by Islam and Prophet Muhammad (s) which ensured fundamental rights for every citizen was one which Quaid-E-Azam subscribed to, and as Dr Qadri described, the preamble of the Constitution of Pakistan is reflective of Quaid-E-Azam’s vision for Pakistan.

In outlining the vision for Pakistan envisaged by the Great Quaid, Dr Qadri expounded that the preamble of the constitution encapsulates that true sovereignty belongs to God alone. This authority is supposed to be exercised by the people of Pakistan by freely choosing whoever they feel is worthy of representing them in parliament. Dr Qadri stated that the situation is contrary to what is encapsulated in the Constitution of Pakistan. Dr Qadri also exposed that the rich and wealthy elite of the country buy tickets from party heads to smuggle their way into powerful positions in the government. The current system has no place for a regular person to stand and represent the people of Pakistan. The current system totally snatches this right away from the people of Pakistan as politicians and parties decide who will win and sit in parliament. Arguably, the incumbent political system is totally opposite to Quaid-E-Azam’s ideology. Dr Qadri also explained further that the revolution will ensure a fair, transparent and impartial system is implemented in which the people have the discretion to freely choose who they want to elect.

Dr Qadri also exposed a prevalent dichotomy in Pakistan politics by stating one Pakistan is for the affluent rulers of the country who spend an abundance of capital in grooming their dogs, whereas this money can be used to support up to five poor households. Dr Qadri drew attention to the Parliamentarians who have now conducted joint parliamentary sessions for over two weeks and have failed to look out of their windows and see thousands of hungry people at their door. In a dynamic, energetic and powerful manner, Dr Qadri further questioned the legitimacy of the joint parliamentary sessions by stating that Parliamentarians have failed to address the socio-economic crisis prevalent in the country. In challenging members of the National Assembly, Dr Qadri also demanded an answer to whether the joint sessions were for the rights of the people or to protect the illegal criminal rule of the ruling elite of Pakistan.

Whilst the current state of the country is contrary to the principles espoused by the Great Founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the revolutionary sit-in is slowly becoming a small village complete with its own parks, educational facilities, medical dispensaries and leisure activities. The Government is clutching at its last straws in order to exhaust all methods in attempting to send the masses home. These masses have stood up for their rights, and it is clear that they are prepared to change the destiny of every citizen of Pakistan. Dr Qadri’s message to the so called champions of democracy is that the struggle to implement the populist socio-economic agenda detailed by the leader of PAT was one the protestors are prepared to sacrifice their lives for. 


10th September | No to Nepotism | #StatusQuoVsOppressed

Public dissent with the incumbent political situation is growing rapidly as today’s Pakistan has become rife with corruption, exploitation, gross negligence whilst simultaneously human rights seem to be non-existent. In addition to this criminal environment, Pakistan is again subject to severe flooding, primarily affecting the poor and downtrodden sections of the Pakistani society however, despite the abhorrent situation in Pakistan, the dramatic increase in the number of peaceful protestors in the revolutionary sit-in led by Chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek illustrates how patriots are still determined to protest for true democracy. Despite facing unprecedented police brutality, sweltering heat, the tolls of unpredictable weather and the rough conditions of living on the capital of Islamabad for nearly a month, supporters of Dr Qadri’s political, institutional, structural and socio-economic reforms exhibit patience and discipline. Millions awaiting for the constitutional expert to brief them once again as the dawn of the inevitable revolution is drawing closer.

Addressing the swarms of peaceful protestors; Dr Qadri initiated his address by drawing attention to the fragile and failing economy of Pakistan. Dr Qadri revealed the political and socio-economic instability by detailing the foreign loans that have indebted its nationals for generations to come. He stated that the current national debt was at 10 billion rupees and also espoused that the continuous reliance on foreign aid has enslaved the country and its population. Dr Qadri also recalled the statement made by the former governor of the state of Pakistan as the Governor mentioned that 2.5 billion rupees are smuggled out of the country from via three airports on a daily basis. In unveiling the fragile and vulnerable nature of the Pakistan economy, Dr Qadri also revealed the comments of the chairman of the National Accountability Bureau who stated that on a daily basis, 8 billion rupees is lost to corruption. Whilst discussing the failures of economic process, Dr Qadri proposed that the single and most glaring reason why the common man remained unaffected was due to the insurmountable corruption, looting and the embezzlement of public funds by the ruling elite.

Furthermore, Dr Qadri stated that the members of the same family were holding dominant positions and complete control on levers of power and state resources who were more interested in filling up their private coffers by selling the public sector enterprises for merely a pittance. Dr Qadri also exposed that 70% of parliamentarians are tax defaulters thus do not hold mandate to rule 180 million population of the country. In exposing this farce, Dr Qadri also diverted attention to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s first term in which he authorised legislation which allowed politicians to hoard as much capital as they pleased without being questioned. Whilst the masses were stunned at the level of corruption and illegality within Parliament, Dr Qadri revealed that in Nawaz Sharif’s current term, he authorised another piece of legislation stating whoever brings any amount of money into this country will also not be questioned at all. Dr Qadri also added that incumbent ruling elite of the country hold rigged elections and manoeuvre their way into power so that they can legitimize their criminal practices without being held accountable.

Dr Qadri recapitulated his vision for Pakistan of a true participatory democracy and an egalitarian state based on the vision of the founding fathers of the state. Dr Qadri envisaged that revolution will bring economic transparency to the country, as any funds that come from abroad will be disclosed to the Parliament. Dr Qadri assured the masses that business, commerce chambers and economical transactions will be free from the intervention of corrupt politicians. While shedding light on the resignation of the governor of the state bank for refusing to print copious amounts of notes, Dr Qadri said that it will be the collective decision of the Parliament to decide when notes are to be printed.

Presenting his research to the masses, Dr Qadri articulated that 200 – 300 billion rupees can be saved through the implementation of a systematic and transparent political system. Dr Qadri also added that state institutes can generate a revenue of up to 1000 billion rupees if they are operated on an independent and impartial basis free from political victimisation. Dr Qadri also reaffirmed that corrupt practices and powerful families have destroyed the political fabric of Pakistan.

Concluding his keynote address, Dr Qadri declared that post-revolution Pakistan will ensure the political sphere is cleansed from nepotistic and cronystic practices, thus introducing a system of meritocracy and transparency in the country. With corruption, unemployment and price hike hitting new records in the country, it is no surprise that the common man has joined Dr Qadri’s peaceful struggle for change. Yesterdays hearty desires and aspirations for a reformed Pakistan that were once alive in people’s hearts have now materialised and translated into a peaceful revolutionary struggle for the hugely overdue benefits a truly democratic nation delivers to its citizens. Emulating the principles of unity, faith and discipline, the people of Pakistan are full of hope and optimism to rebuild the country. Reflecting upon the emotions of the thousands that have flooded the centre of Pakistan’s capital, their unwavering determination is remarkable and illustrates their conviction in Dr Qadri as they stand firm for this illegitimate government to be ousted. 


8th Septemeber | Law and Constitution Disregarded | #StatusQuoVsOppressed

As the crescendo of “long live Tahir” filled the air, supporters of the populist agenda which demands egalitarianism and socio-economic equality stood waiting for Dr Qadri to begin his keynote address. Whilst critics predicted that the sweltering heat, rough conditions of sleeping on the roads of the capital and the tolls of unpredictable weather would soon see the size of the protestors dwindle, mainstream media channels and journalists present at the scene were stunned at the increasing commitment, fervour and magnificent resolve exhibited by workers of the mainstream political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek PAT, stating that the country has never witnessed a greater example of such organised and excellent political conduct.

Speaking to the crowds of participants of the sit-in at the PM house on Constitutional Avenue, PAT leader Dr Qadri initiated his historic address by expressing disbelief that despite thousands protesting outside for weeks, parliamentarians failed to address the Lahore Massacre which was the worst example of state terrorism and unprecedented police brutality in the country’s history leaving 14 people dead, and approximately 94 critically wounded. Dr Qadri expounded that it has become a sad state of affairs that those parliamentarians responsible for the protection of the lives of the innocent have failed to even address such a brutal chapter in Pakistan’s history.

Continuing his keynote address to the swarms of peaceful protestors, Dr Qadri stated that the Constitution had remained practically suspended whilst the powerful elite reaped all dividends at the cost of the masses. Dr Qadri expounded that the Constitution was not merely a written document, which should be referred to by way of passing or to justify one’s positions. He said that it was wrong to selectively implement those Articles of the Constitution which benefited ruling elite and keep those Articles suspended that dealt with people’s rights. In explaining how the ruling elite have failed to confer socio-economic rights promised in the Constitution to the masses, Dr Qadri challenged the incumbent elite by stating that he would revoke his call for a socio-economic revolution if the rulers inserted a clause into the present Constitution of Pakistan to legitimise criminality and injustice. It has become apparent that whilst people’s lives had been rendered miserable due to policies of the rulers, they had been making hay during their stints in power.

Dr Qadri also made it clear that the incumbent ruling elite had violated the Pakistan Constitution by the unwarranted and unconstitutional arrest of over 25,000 workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek nationwide. In explaining the criminal and unconstitutional actions of the Pakistan government, Dr Qadri expounded that the Constitution contains provisions for the right of defence of those arrested, and also that any imprisoned citizen falls within the scope of the jurisdiction of the Magistrate Court and thus must be presented before the Magistrate Court within 24 hours. The ruling elite had however failed to act according to the provisions encapsulated within the Constitution of Pakistan therefore translating their actions as unconstitutional. Furthermore, Dr Qadri explained that child labour remained a growing phenomenon in the society of Pakistan. A number of laws and clauses within the Constitution containing provisions prohibiting child labour or regulating the working conditions have been universally ignored. In present day, up to 11 million children, aged four to fourteen have been denied their basic rights to a childhood, to an education or to play. The public were left with no choice but to participate in the revolutionary sit-in led by Dr Qadri. In revealing the astonishing facts, the public began chanting slogans of “Go Nawaz go” thus revealing the public discontent with the incumbent system which had failed to confer socio-economic justice to the masses.

Whilst responding to a question regarding welfare activities of Dr Qadri, he stated that Minhaj Welfare Foundation was one of leading welfare organizations in the country that is dedicated to carrying out social welfare programme of both inside Pakistan as well as abroad. He said that whenever any natural disaster occurred, be it massive earthquake of 2005 or unprecedented floods of 2010-11, MQI had been in the forefronts of rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts in the affected areas.

In concluding his historic address, Dr Qadri made it clear that the struggle for socio-economic and constitutional rights would continue until Pakistan emerged as a bright state on the horizon of the world and no power could stop the revolution from happening.  Since the formation of the Peoples Parliament over 21 days ago, the numbers besieging Parliament House have bolstered and supporters vowed not to depart the sit-in until the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. As the struggle for a socio-economic revolution continues, Dr Qadri remains consistent and driven towards denouncing this government and bringing this corrupt rule to justice for the crimes they have committed.

Unity between Muslims and Christians standing side by side at the revolutionary sit-in