Planned Aggression in Red Zone | Islamabad

Pakistan Media channels report fresh troops of the Punjab Police and the paramilitary FC have been deployed and have taken their positions, and an attack on Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri is being suspected anytime under the pretext of protecting Parliament House

Twelve days of enduring rain, blazing heat, hunger and sleep deprivation and no sign of the government accepting its failures Dr Qadri gave a final ultimatum. Addressing PM Nawaz Sharif, Dr Qadri declared a 48 hour deadline. If Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif failed to accept their demands then what ever was to transpire next would not be in his control and all responsibility would lay with the state.

Furthermore PMLN organized a rally for expressing solidarity with the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against the protest sit-ins of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT). Charged up and aggressive workers of the ruling party attacked the DSNG van of ARY News and victimized the staff, near the Quaidabad interchange, located at Islamabad Highway.

A few months ago, a brutal massacre took place of supporters of the mainstream political party PAT in Lahore which left 14 people dead and 97 injured after Punjab Police opened fire on unarmed civilians. The attack carried out by the Punjab Police left the people of Pakistan questioning the reliability of law enforcement and justice agencies within their country. If such an attack could be imposed on the supporters of an organisation which is globally recognised for its promotion of peace, it could happen to any citizen or organisation which raises its voice against the existing reign of Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif.

All these facts give strength to the notion that another brutal attack is planned on the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors that sit with Dr Qadri in the capital tonight.

Also it has been reported that the workers and supporters of PAT have immediately taken to preventative measures and started constructing a protective wall around the container in which Dr Qadri is staying in along with his followers in the red zone area of Islamabad.

The wall is being constructed speedily with the help of iron pipes, fearing a brutal and unconstitutional crackdown by the law enforcement agencies at the discretion of the incumbent government who are attempting to suppress political dissent.

According to details confirmed by ARY news, Chief Minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif also publicly promulgated that his tour to China is more important than the current political turmoil in Pakistan.

(Police surrounding protestors ourside Parliament house - 25/08/2014)image


August 25th | Day 12 | The 48 Hour Ultimatum

On the 11th day of the pro-democracy and anti-corruption sit-in led by ex-parliamentarian and renowned constitutional expert Dr Qadri, he delivered an exhilarating address to the innumerable swarm of supporters of the mainstream political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT). In Dr Qadri’s first formal address of the day to his audience crammed along the 5km stretch of Khayaban-e-Suharwardi; he indicated that human civilisation has never before seen such fervour, dedication and resolve amongst a group of people demanding their rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. It is without doubt that supporters of PAT have made history by exemplifying the values of peace and unity, patience and persistence in this mammoth pro-democracy protest.

The severity of the socio-economic crisis Pakistan faces was a revelation to many in the last few days as Dr Qadri detailed the crisis Pakistan is facing at the moment. Also revealing that the country is at the brink of anarchy and foreign loans that have indebted its nationals for generations to come. In today’s address, Dr Qadri explained how the endeavour for real democracy and mass reform initiated as a Revolutionary March which later transformed itself into a revolutionary sit, and is now swiftly entering into the stage of revolution itself. Jolting the memories of the hundreds and thousands present at the sit-ins, Dr Qadri reminded everyone that the caravan of revolution began when the blood of innocent people which was unlawfully spilt in Model Town Lahore. With firm and unwavering conviction, Dr Qadri reiterated that the struggle for revolution had gotten under-way with blood of martyrs and it would surely and most definitely reach its desired destination.

Remaining firm and uncompromised on his demands of dissolving unconstitutional assemblies, Dr Qadri explained that any negotiations with the incumbent political elite were merely to permit the government time to continue to their farcical “democracy”. The government instigated negations with the hopes that they will exhaust  the supporters of PAT; that they would tire from being disconnected from their everyday comforts which they had in their lives.

Whilst explaining the failures of the constitutional machinery in Pakistan, Dr Qadri explained to the masses that the single-most glaring result of this chaos was Pakistan’s failure to operate state institutes impartially. Dr Qadri went on to explain that the constitutional arrangements in Pakistan violated the very doctrine of separation of powers as the state institutes responsible for providing justice, democracy and rule of law within Pakistan are subject to political victimisation. Centralisation of political power and disproportionate representation of the various stratas of society on the Assembly floor has resulted in the suppression of the voices of the 180 million people living in Pakistan.There is no justice, no education, no job, no means of obtaining a substantial living, and thus poor are compelled to resort to demeaning labour.

Dr Qadri as an indefatigable defender of human rights and democracy made it clear that the struggle for revolution would continue till Pakistan emerged as a bright state on the horizon of the world and no power could stop the revolution from happening. A final ultimatum of 48 hours was strongly promulgated to the government to dissolve unconstitutional assemblies. The PAT chief also gave a final warning to the status quo that once the deadline was over he could not stop his supporters and workers from any move they may deem appropriate.


24th August | Day 11 | No Compromises with Justice

As another day dawns in Islamabad, the supporters of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) who have clogged the streets with the vision to oust an illegitimate government have not deterred at the slightest. The numbers that now besiege Parliament House on Constitutional Avenue have bolstered since the formation of the People’s Parliament over 11 days ago and an astounding aspect that each supporter remains true to the pursuit of a populist socio-economic uprising in Pakistan. Despite the harsh conditions faced by the brave and courageous protesters, they remain adamant and committed to their vision of true change espousing that without justice they will not leave the doorstep of Parliament House.

Ex-parliamentarian and renowned constitutional expert, Dr Qadri made it clear during his public address that there would only be revolution this time and that no deals would be reached with what he termed an unconstitutional government. During today’s groundbreaking address to the hundreds and thousands of eager protesters in Islamabad, Dr Qadri explained how negotiations were a historic landmark for all revolutions. Drawing from examples of history’s most significant sacrifices, Dr Qadri also explained how the practice of negotiation was implemented by even Hussain (may Allah be pleased with him) with the tyrant-like Yazid.

Despite negotiations taking place there remained a deadlock between both parties as Dr Qadri reiterated his stance that the culprits of Lahore Massacre be held accountable so as to ensure due process of law. Dr Qadri  and the supporters of PAT remained firm on their demand for the initiation of an First Information Report to open a full investigation into culprits of the 14 innocent unarmed civilians massacred on 17th June 2014.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, the mainstream media exposed the unprecedented level of corruption and rigging which took place at the polling stations on the 11th of May 2013. In an exclusive interview with TV anchor Mubashar Luqman, the election commission’s additional secretary, Mohammed Afzal Khan, exposed how the Interior Minister of Pakistan confirmed that there were in excess of 70,000 votes in every constituency, which nullifies the elections entirely. Nearly 1000 people in the elections of 2013, not only turned a blind eye toward the level of corruption taking place, but also fully endorsed it. It established that the election commission itself, which was created to ensure fair, and free from corruption elections were conducted, was in fact itself unconstitutional.

It would be important to note that taking a step back further, Dr Qadri had previously highlighted that he believed that the Election Commission of Pakistan was constituted unconstitutionally and consequently the elections it held were also illegal. He said that reign of a few families stayed intact in Pakistan in the name of democracy. He also stated that contrarily, the Pakistan Election Commission successfully presided over sham elections that were marked by rigging, duress, and use of money to buy votes but it failed to incorporate any of the reforms proposed by Pakistan Awami Tehreek including the scrutiny of candidates under Articles 62, 63 and 218.

Corruption, unemployment and price hike have hit new records in the country. Decisions are imposed on the people unilaterally by bypassing the Parliament. In addressing the nation, Dr Qadri reiterated plentiful times that he would lay down his life but would not bow before anyone, adding that he who bows before Allah Almighty and is proud to be slave of his Prophet (peace be upon him) neither submits himself to anyone, nor fears anyone nor sells himself to anyone. Appealing to the nation again, he said that it was the work of entire nation of 180 million people to stand up and be counted.



23rd August | Day 10 | Deceitful Democracy

A tenth day and according to what looks to be a long drawn out battle to political commentators between the government and the supporters of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), the supporters only become more resolute in continuing their struggle to revive the vision of living in a truly democratic and constitutional Pakistan. It goes without saying that such fervour can only be interpreted as approval of the Charter of Demands and Reforms delivered by Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. Tensions are brimming within the government as it feels and fears the full force of the sit ins and the grand exposure of the level of corruption being committed within it.  

The first speech of the day revolved around the topic of the democratic deficit the country is currently facing which commentators assert is at the heart of the political crisis in Pakistan. Dr Qadri initiated his address as he exposed the political and institutional crisis by reminding the masses of how within democratic countries, authority to make decision within state affairs is entrusted to the state, and it is therefore the responsibility of state to safeguard the best interests of the people and the country. Article 5 of the Constitution of Pakistan seals the bilateral promise between state and its people which encapsulates that people will surrender their authority to the state in return for effective implementation of the articles between articles 9 and 38 within the Constitution of Pakistan. Therefore the state promises it will provide independence, equality between rich and poor, and for the rule of law to be fair between everyone. This bilateral promise is to be fulfilled by the governments within the state and so it is the responsibility of the government to implement the constitution of Pakistan. However this responsibility has not been acted upon, as none of the articles have been truly implemented. Dr Qadri asserted that as a matter of great misfortune, the incumbent leaders have disregarded the Constitution and have failed to preserve its sanctity.

Further emphasizing the need of a populist socio-economic uprising restoring constitutional rights back unto the people, Dr Qadri briefly explained the concept of revolution emphasising that throughout history, the poor, impoverished and downtrodden of society have always answered the call for a revolution. With that in mind it is important to remember that more than half of the people of Pakistan live below the poverty line. Where it was the government’s responsibility to implement the constitution, they have let the people of Pakistan down. It is clear from the protesters in the revolutionary march who have endured blistering heat, monsoon rain, and blockades on food and clean water, that they are willing to endeavour for as long as it takes until the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet from their unconstitutional political posts as well as for the effective implementation of the Charter of Demands and Reforms.

Furthermore the PAT leader Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri addressed the participants of the mammoth revolution march, making an important announcement; he revealed that the Nawaz Sharif government had planned an unconstitutional and brutal crackdown on the peaceful protestors. He went on to make it public, that the government had sent internal and external terrorists into the Red Zone tonight to target revolution and Azadi marches. He said that the containers had been placed not to prevent terrorists but to facilitate their attack on the marches. He continued, that the government had instigated the exchange of fire at the Sialkot border to distract the Pakistan Army. In his remarkable ability to unveil truths to masses, PAT leader also exposed that the rulers had nefarious and dangerous designs, adding that their lives had been spent in alliances with terrorists and protecting them. He asked the workers to stand in the direction of ‘Qibla’ and call Azan seven times as this is the Prophetic way in times of planned attacks.


22nd August | Day 9 | Congregation in Red Zone

The resolve and fervour of supporters of the mainstream political party, Pakistan Awami Tehreek [PAT], has continued to increase irrespective of the fact that protesters have been staging a sit in for almost 10 days on Constitutional Avenue outside Parliament Square. Contrary to the expectations of the government, the number of protestors also continues to steadily increase as people join the pro-democracy and anti-corruption sit-in led by ex-parliamentarian and renowned constitutional expert, Dr Qadri. During what has been described as a landmark and historic day, determined protesters gathered outside Parliament House to offer the Friday congregational prayer.

As Dr Qadri commenced his Friday sermon, he took the opportunity to applaud the bravery, patience and discipline of the protesters who had shown no signs of fatigue despite residing in rough conditions within the capital for over a week in order to force the government to accept Dr Qadri’s agenda of socio-economic reforms. Dr Qadri further commended the efforts and strife of PAT supporters who had left the comfort of their homes in order to struggle for implementation of true democracy and to end corruption, and lawlessness. It was evidently clear that protesters were frustrated with the monopolistic elitist system of governance in Pakistan which has damaged the socio-economic welfare of millions of citizens across Pakistan.

During Dr Qadri’s sermon the learned scholar exposed the government’s uninterested attitude towards resolving the current crisis. He emphasized the fact that those who claim to be defenders of democracy and human rights have deprived citizens of basic necessities such as food, water, education and energy. Dr Qadri reiterated that the purpose of the sit-in was to de-politicise and strengthen state institutions. Earlier, a one-man judicial commission, formed and led by Justice Khawaja Imtiaz to investigate the incident of the Lahore Massacre, had also submitted its findings to the Lahore High Court wherein it held provincial departments responsible for the tragedy in which 14 people were killed by police and a further 90 wounded. However, Dr Qadri explained that not a single state department has fulfilled its duty to enforce the law and hold the culprits accountable.

In spite of a Lahore court session publishing a notice for police to register an FIR, as with previous examples, this court order has fallen on deaf ears. Dr Qadri explained that the government has further exposed its intentions by removing the current judge and replaced him with Justice Manzoor Malik who was on leave until 9th September 2014. Immediately after the government’s newly elected Chief Justice took oath an appeal was lodged against registration of the FIR giving further credence to claims that the government intends on safeguarding the culprits of the Lahore Massacre by influencing the due process of law. Dr Qadri also criticised the criminal silence Members of the National Assembly [MNAs] who have shown apathy towards supporting the families’ quest for justice by ensuring the FIR is registered.

Under torrential rain and cold temperatures, the protesters rose once again as Dr Qadri delivered another address later on in the evening. Dr Qadri as well as PAT supporters were enraged upon hearing first and then witnessing himself that protestors, in particular children and the elderly, losing consciousness as a result of consuming deliberately contaminated water. Rumours had surfaced about hazardous water entering Red Zone yesterday, and this is now confirmed as the chemicals take effect. As Dr Qadri further exposed Nawaz Sharif and the govt, ambulances were arriving to provide immediate medical aid to the severely ill individuals.

Whilst describing the gross misuse of public funds, Dr Qadri explained that the Chief Minister of Punjab had visited the federal capital circa 200 times in a 14 month period costing millions of rupees in fuel expenditure at the expense of the public exchequer. Dr Qadri concluded by reiterating his stance that no state institution was operating impartially. He also mentioned the fact that constitution has been practically suspended and completely disregarded by the corrupt political elite.


21st August | Day 8 | Revolution in Red Zone

On the eighth day of continued unwavering commitment to the pursuit of a populist socio-economic uprising and remaining true to the instructions of Dr Qadri of observing patience & discipline, determined and eager supporters of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) have remained firm and steadfast in their demands in front of Parliament House on Constitutional Avenue. Another day of blistering heat and sleeping on the rough roads of the capital of Islamabad has not diminished the desire of the hundreds and thousands of angry activists for radical change as they endeavour towards persisting on their demands to be met which is primarily the resignation of the unconstitutional and illegitimate posts of Nawaz & Shahbaz Sharif.

Dr Qadri initiated his historic address by congratulating the masses who had exhibited utmost steadfastness. He went further to raise the public’s awareness of the astounding levels of corruption taking place in Pakistan by revealing astonishing figures to the public that in the last year alone, during the corrupt and despotic reign of the Sharif family, the state alone had accumulated approximately 52 billion US dollars worth of debt. The unnecessary debt only serving to damage the already sinking economy, as over half the nation continues to live under the poverty line, with poverty figures showing no sign of plateauing.  

PMLN leader Nawaz Sharif made financial gains of $418 million during his two stints as Prime Minister of the country. According to a book entitled Capitalism’s Achilles Heel by Raymond W Baker “The extent and magnitude of this corruption is so staggering that it has put the very integrity of the country at stake”

The Revolutionary Movement had always been carelessly labelled as an attempt to derail democracy and create anarchy. Furthermore parliamentarians within the National Assembly today threw baseless accusations that the peaceful protests taking place on their doorstep, outside Parliament house were an attempt to take democracy away from the country. However in response to the false allegations, Dr Qadri stated that Pakistan at the present moment of time cannot be constituted as a democratic state. Dr Qadri also espoused that the constitutional arrangements in the Pakistani political order violated the very thought of democracy and rule of law. It is of no surprise that the people of Pakistan are very far from enjoying the rights other individuals living in progressing and developed democratic countries enjoy. Whilst such states were beginning to see the fruits of democracy flourish in the country as evidence of economies thriving and huge improvements in literacy rates.

Dr Qadri also revealed that the Sharif’s had monopolised over 50 major industries in Pakistan, from large industries such as steel, energy and construction to even those responsible for providing basic living necessities such as sugar mills, and poultry and dairy farms. Funds generated from the industries have been sent overseas to establish business empires across the globe and build on the Sharif dynasty’s unlawfully and illegally obtained empire.

Little known to the masses, another alarming fact revealed by Dr Qadri in the historic public address was one of Pakistan Muslim League -N’s  (PMLN) most known contribution to the country - the construction of roads and a network of public transport services in Lahore. The masses were shock-stricken as Dr Qadri unveiled that the commission for these projects was contracted to Sharif’s own businesses, so that they would gain maximum financial benefit. This was another shameless avenue to permit time for the Sharifs to continue their unconstitutional actions and be able to extort funds from the state.

Drawing on the principles of parliamentary sovereignty and freedom of assembly, Dr Qadri emphasised how the protests were a symbol of democracy as the citizens had taken to the streets to voice their disapproval against such diabolical living conditions and manifestations of lawlessness which had dominated the society of Pakistan. It was emphasized that democracy and rule of law are merely paid lip services by corrupt politicians and that a land in which the government was able to commission a brutal massacre taking place in Lahore on the 17th of June cannot be termed as democratic. Dr Qadri continued to remind the rulers of his ideology and that of his supporters, in rebuttal of the government’s claim that the protests are unconstitutional and Dr Qadri highlighted that he and his supporters believe in democratic norms, peace moderation and brotherhood. He also echoed his vision of Pakistan to the government and people which based is on a transparent democratic process, rule of law, impartiality, supremacy of law, devolution of power, stability, and eradication of the extremist entities that have plagued this land.

It is clear that the democratic setup in Pakistan violates the very principles of separation of powers and parliamentary sovereignty. With state institutes subject to political victimisation and a monopoly of power between a few elite persons, the need of a revolution is more urgent than ever. As the situation in Pakistan is rapidly developing and with what is now the third day outside of Parliament House on Constitution Avenue, with some protesters having travelled for weeks, and endured the painful blockages of food, water and medical supplies, it is clear that the size of the protesters has not dwindled. The protesters only increase in steadfastness to their goal of achieving radical change, it is not long left for this grave travesty to be rejected and dejected and ultimately for the corrupt, illegal and illegitimate political set up to be ousted.

(Heightened corruption) 



20th August | Day 7 | Parliamentary House Secured

As another day dawns in Islamabad, the people who have clogged the streets with the desire to oust an illegitimate government, have acted on the decisions agreed upon by the People’s Parliament yesterday afternoon.

[Decisions made in the People’s Parliament;
1. The peaceful sit-in will be moved in front of Parliament House in Islamabad.
2. The sit in will not end until PM Nawaz Sharif and CM Shahbaz Sharif resign from their posts and are then taken into the custody of the law and tried for their murders committed at Model Town on July 17th 2014
3. All Provincial and National assemblies should be dissolved
4. A new National Government for democratic reforms will be formed to implement the 12 point agenda for the welfare of the people of Pakistan.]

Upon reaching Zero Point outside of Parliament House yesterday, Dr Qadri reminded the nation of the close relationship he and the Sharif household had in the past. The irony is that the very location where the tragic events of 17th June 2014 occurred used to be a regular stopping point for the Sharif family. Dr Qadri exposed the level of corruption and disregard shown for the rule of law by the Sharif brothers for ordering an attack on the secretariat of Minhaj-ul-Quran and the home of Dr Qadri. It was revealed how the attack was carried out, under the direct instruction of brothers, Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif, as no other individual possesses the authority to allow such a relentless attack to begin in the middle of night, endured by the citizens for over 14 hours. The violence led to 14 fatalities and near 100 casualties with the consent and encouragement of Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif.

Dr Qadri emphasised that the nation has ceased to exist as a law abiding, constitutional and democratic nation and that obtaining justice had become impossible for the common man of Pakistan. Two months after the Model town massacre, a First Information Report [FIR] to hold an open investigation into what happened in Model Town is yet to be given permission to be filed against the instigators. This very point establishes that the government have closed off the roots of achieving justice in Pakistan for the people; whilst the rulers are free from the rule of law themselves.

Today, whilst the National Assembly was in session, Dr Qadri gave the instruction for the People’s Parliament to surround and secure Parliament House, not allowing anyone to enter or exit. The government was likened to mosquitoes, a reference to the corrupt rule draining the resources of this country for personal gains whilst leaving the public to struggle helplessly, many without the basic necessities to lead a sustainable life. The temperature rose considerably within Parliament walls, as both government and opposition rejected the People’s Parliament, whilst in the immediate vicinity Dr Qadri spoke of his supporter’s anger and frustration at the stubbornness shown by Nawaz Sharif, and the increasing hindrances created by the government such as the further placement of containers, and blockade of food and medical supplies.

Dr Qadri took the opportunity to again praise the bravery of the Pakistan Army for their endeavours in Waziristan against extremist operatives. The inspirational leader reiterated his teachings and reminded his followers to continue to demonstrate their exemplary adherence to and respect of the principles (of Faith, Unity and Discipline) on which this country was established.

Following the events of early afternoon, Dr Qadri stepped out to address the issue of recent false propaganda, in order to create widespread public deception, that he and representatives of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) had rejected talks. In fact, the government had not sent a delegation for negotiations and/or were sent but avoided discussions. Dr Qadri clarified that they are open to negotiations, but questioned whether those who shed the blood of innocent victims are deserving of such talks. The press conference was convened with Dr Qadri instructing protesters to move away from the gates and allow workers to move freely whilst maintaining a boundary.

The current state of affairs has seen a delegation led by the Federal Minister for Railways Saad Rafique, to meet with Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbassi, the President of PAT, to discuss a possibility of an agreement breaking down as they continue to reject the four main demands of the Awami Parliament.

The numbers that now besiege Parliament House have bolstered since the formation of the People’s Parliament and remain true to the second agreed outcome yesterday, where supporters vowed not to depart the sit-in until the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Now as an eventful day draws to a close, Dr Qadri remains consistent and driven towards denouncing this government and bringing this corrupt rule to justice for the crimes they have committed.

(The People’s Parliament in its masses outside the Parliament of Pakistan 20/08/2014)



19th August | Day 6 | The People’s Parliament

The People’s Parliament | Islamabad | Pakistan | 18th August 2014

#AwamiParliament (the People’s Parliament)  – a hashtag trending on twitter became a reality as the appointed time for it to convene was reached. As per demands of protestors, PM Nawaz Sharif failed to step down and dissolve all Assemblies. As government officials issued statements refusing to acknowledge that a significant percentage of the population are demanding their resignations, hundreds of thousands reaffirmed their unrelenting resolve to follow through the instructions of Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chief, Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri.

‘Do you want to continue your sit-in here [at Aabpara Chowk] or move this peaceful protest to sit in front of Parliament house? Do you want democratic reforms in Pakistan? Do you want extremely transparent and stringent accountability of those public officers who have been involved in corruption?’

These are a few of the many questions Dr Qadri posed to his audience today. Each questioned asked by the revolutionary leader was passionately responded to by the newly termed ‘Awami Parliament’ in its first session which convened at 5:45pm PST today.

The Nation’s journalist Umar Cheema magnified the power of Dr Qadri as he is not only leading the largest and most peaceful revolution seen in Pakistan’s history but under his directive leaders of other political parties have begun to hold peaceful sit-ins within their own cities.   Mr Cheema reports that ‘in his midnight address after the expiry of his earlier deadline, Qadri announced that on the calls of Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslamin, Sunni Ittehad and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid, sit-ins have started all across the country and all major roads have been blocked by the workers.’ (1)

Dr Qadri began his speech today informing the masses that four key decisions need to be made by the People’s Parliament.  

 “The Awami Parliament will decide the future course of action and destiny of the nation is going to change.” (2)

The response from a string of questions requiring a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ posed by Dr Qadri shaped the next several steps in the peaceful, green revolution he is leading. The four decisions unanimously agreed by thousands are listed below:

  1. The peaceful sit-in will be moved in front of Parliament House in Islamabad.
  2. The sit in will not end until PM Nawaz Sharif and CM Shahbaz Sharif resign from their posts and are then taken into the custody of the law and tried for their murders committed at Model Town on July 17th 2014
  3. All Provincial and National assemblies should be dissolved
  4. A new National Government for democratic reforms will be formed to implement the 12 point agenda for the welfare of the people of Pakistan.

As Parliament house is located within the ‘Red Zone’ areas of Islamabad, along with several other political parties the PMLN government began to release statements naming the act of protesting outside parliament as unconstitutional. Dr Qadri immediately addressed this issue in his speech informing the audience and world-wide media that protesting in the red zone or any other area of Pakistan  is permitted by articles 15, 16 and 19 of the constitution.

In fact many protests have been held within the red zones including one led by the current Prime Minister on October 13th 2011 in front of Parliament against the then PM Mr Zardari, as photographed below. This is clear evidence that not only does PM Nawaz Sharif not have an in-depth understanding of the constitution of Pakistan, but he chooses to be a leader who promotes a culture of selective law enforcement.

Nawaz Sharif protesting outside of Parliament House, October 13th 2011


As media reported on the high security measures in parliament house against protestors that have given undeniable proof of their peace and discipline, Dr Qadri concluded his address. He asked he protestors to promise that they will remain democratic and peaceful and not be violent irrespective of illegal actions the police officials may take against them.

Dr Qadri ended with a final statement to the crowd stating:

‘We want two things: Peace and discipline. We want our protest to be democratic.”

All eyes have turned towards Pakistan as the scenes emerging from the capital will be a defining moment in the nation’s history.


 1 http://www.nation.com.pk/national/19-Aug-2014/qadri-convenes-street-parliament



Western Media’s outtake on Dr Qadri’s Revolution

‘Most prominent political and religious figure’, ‘outspoken cleric’ , ‘populist preacher’ and ’anti Taliban cleric’ are just a handful of titles given to Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri since he has returned to his birth country – Pakistan and called the millions of poor to join him in his peaceful, green revolution.

Dr Qadri, leader of the political party: Pakistan Awami Tehreek [PAT] has been closely monitored by a wide array of journalist in the west including the BBC, The Associated Press, The Guardian, New York Times, Daily Mail, DW, The Independent and many more. All of whom have taken their own stance on who Dr Qadri is and why he has returned to Pakistan.

Most notoriously known for his Fatwa (religious edict) on Terrorism and Suicide Bombings published in 2011, he is globally accepted as a moderate Islamic scholar and preacher who promotes peace, love and tolerance in his speeches and published work.

 ‘Adeel Khan, a managing editor of the Doha-based “Religions” journal, told DW :

"The fatwa is quite blunt, less nuanced and unequivocal," Khan said.
“This shows Qadri’s ability to be polemical and less scholarly on a matter of pressing concern for Muslims and the rest of the world.” 4

Being known as a preacher who is even-handed, Dr Qadri announced he would be returning to Pakistan on Monday 23rd June 2014 via Emirates Airlines on flight number: EK612 which was expected to land in Islamabad.  He was returning to his country of birth with the intention of ridding it of its corrupt leaders who had failed to implement the just and fair laws of Islam embedded in the constitution of Pakistan and to restore democracy in its true sense. BBC World reported that ‘crowds had gathered at the city’s airport to welcome Tahirul Qadri…but his flight was diverted to Lahore [as] he plans to lead a peaceful revolt against PM Nawaz Sharif.’ 1 The ‘police had sealed off roads to Islamabad’ in order to prevent Dr Qadri’s supporters from welcoming him.

 “We just want to give a peaceful welcome to our leader but they (the police) pounded us with tear gas,” said one protestor, Reuters news agency reported. 1

Whilst on the aeroplane Dr Qadri spoke to the BBC’s Wietske Burema, a witness to what occurred on the flight. He had informed her that he wanted ‘democratic reforms. The government, he said, had been elected though a rigged electoral process.’ 1

Prior to his return, the police; under the order of the government had physically assaulted peaceful followers of Dr Qadri at his hometown in Lahore. On the pretext of removing safety barricades the police had opened fire and murdered unarmed civilians

On Saturday 9th August, BBC reported that 8 civilians have been killed by the Punjab Police which was shortly followed by statement released by police officials stating that: ‘500 (more) protestors were also arrested’2

DW reporter Shamil Sams reported on Dr Qadri’s political power in a different light, stating that ‘Qadri’s PAT party has no seat in Parliament, yet his influence on national politics is quite palpable. The motto of the party is to end corruption in the country…But Qadri’s critics say he is being backed by Pakistan’s powerful military generals who are unhappy with Sharif’s policies 4

"Most people in Pakistan think Qadri is being backed by the establishment, particularly the army," Ghazi Salahuddin, a senior journalist in Karachi, told DW. Qadri denies it.

"I am against the army takeover and will oppose it," Qadri said in a DW interview.’ 4

Dr Qadri began his revolutionary, peaceful march towards the capital city on Thursday 14th August and released a statement to The Associated Press informing them that: 

“Over 200,000 people are with me and I am going to Islamabad to bring a peaceful green revolution in Pakistan” 4

Police officials also released a statement which was recorded by the Daily Mail informing the public that ‘about 2,000 of Qadri’s supporters were also arrested this month’ 6 on yet unknown grounds. This statement ironically gave credibility to Dr Qadri’s claims that there is a grand level of corruption in Pakistan that has a stranglehold on all institutions including law and order departments.

Before entry into the capital, the Guardian informed us that Pakistan has blocked almost every entry point into Islamabad, with more than 20,000 police and paramilitary forces deployed to try to thwart a major anti-government rally. As the government has seen the powerful effect Dr Qadri has on his listeners when he educates them.

The Independent’s journalist Andrew Buncombe reported on Tuesday 12th August that ‘Sixty-eight years since it secured its independence, Pakistan faces a host of problems, including a persistent Islamist militancy, crippling power cuts’ and many more socio-economic problems. All of which the current PM has not addressed. For these reasons, Dr Qadri has called ‘for a people’s revolution and also demanded Mr Sharif’s government stand down’.

In Dr Qadri’s first formal address to his audience crammed along the 5km stretch of Khayaban-e-Suharwardi; presented a Charter of Demands. The items listed within the Charter were in line with the constitution of Pakistan. The New York Times reported the demands listed by Dr Qadri as he ‘called on Mr Sharif to cede power to a ‘national government’ led by technocrats who, he said should halve food process, reduce income disparities and end terrorism.’ 7

The severity of the socio-economic crisis Pakistan faces was a revelation to many as Dr Qadri detailed the foreign loans that have indebted its nationals for generations to come.  Discussing the statistics provided by the Global Competitive Index [GPI] compiled by the World Economic Forum which provides insight into the productivity and prosperity of 148 nations,  Dr Qadri disclosed in 2012-13 Pakistan’s position was 124. This has plummeted by 9 points due to the incompetence of Mr Sharif’s government and was recorded as 133 out of 148 in 2013-14. 

As the situation in Pakistan’s capital is rapidly changing, western media have been reporting on a daily basis the events occurring in Dr Qadri’s peaceful protest. The pressure on the government heightened when Dr Qadri set a deadline for the PM Nawaz Sharif and CM Shebaz Sharif to resign and dissolve the federal government within 48 hours. This deadline expired on Monday 19th August at 20:00hrs BST with no favourable response from the leaders in which the masses have lost faith. Piling on further pressure on the Prime Minister and his government to resign, Dr Qadri called for nationwide sit-ins.  Dr Qadri warned Mr Sharif if demands were not met, then tomorrow on 19th August at 1700hrs PST a People’s Parliament would convene and the Revolution would reach its pinnacle.

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18th August 2014 | Day 5 | Why Pakistan Needs a Green Revolution

On day five of what looks to be a long drawn out battle according to political commentators between the government and anti-government protestors, the stakes was raised by Chairman PAT Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri. An eagerly awaiting crowd of tens of thousands of angry protestors sat attentively to listen to Dr Qadri explain why people had opted as a final resort, for a green revolution as a means to bring about a real change to the lives of the masses who currently live under unbearable conditions. Having given the government an ultimatum on 16th August to step down within 48 hours in order to give way for a national unity government, many eagerly anticipated what would happen next especially given that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri rejected calls for negotiations by the government, who announced the fact that a negotiations team would be dispatched to try and seek a settlement. However, remaining true to his word and much to the delight of the protesting public, Dr Qadri made it clear during his public address that there would only be revolution this time and that no deals would be reached with what he termed an unconstitutional government.

The first of today’s two speeches revolved around the much explored topic of why Pakistan needs Revolution. The topic was discussed with references to countless failures and inadequacies of parliament and each of the four provincial governments. Addressing residents of each province separately, Dr Qadri first addressed constitutional violations by each of the provincial governments. He went on to reassure the people of how the post-revolution national unity government would provide them with their constitutional rights. Dr Qadri shed light on the reality of ‘democracy’ in Pakistan. Chairman PAT went on to explain that law and order was practically non-existent and the government had failed completely to provide justice. Given this chronic failure, Dr Qadri explained that a revolutionary struggle was the only choice. He took time to explain how the FIR related to the model town massacre had not been lodged even though there exists a court order instructing the police to register an FIR against the PM and CM of Punjab. Nonetheless, no action has been taken by the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Speaking to the international media, he explained the fact that had such an incident happened in a western democratic country there would be uproar at the blatant injustice and ministers would be forced to resign. Dr Qadri also pointed out the injustices recently meted out to the residents of Model town during a week long siege in which the government prevented food, water and medicine supplies through a blockade, denying citizens of basic humanitarian rights. As a result of the siege a medical doctor who was treating patients died due to suffering from heart trouble because ambulances were not allowed in or out the besieged location. Singling out the Prime Minister Dr Qadri declared ‘I do not want your negotiations I want answers to my questions, give me answers!

Dr Qadri mentioned the teachings of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Father of Pakistan, quoting the nation’s three principles as presented on the State Emblem of Pakistan: “Faith, Unity, Discipline”. It was remarked how the people of the Revolutionary March were exemplars of these of this ideal. Dr Qadri appearing pleased paid tribute to the masses of the Revolutionary March praising their patience, etiquette and peacefulness. Additionally he announced nationwide protests to supplement the staged sit-in in Islamabad. At the end of the speech Dr Qadri made it clear that he would return at to address the public if the government did not step down by the prescribed deadline.

Later in the evening after having attended a meeting with other party leaders Dr Qadri returned to announce the next course of action as the government was still ignoring the wishes of the public and refusing to step down in favour of a national unity government, and allow implementation of his 10  point socio-economic reforms agenda. Before announcing the next steps, given the government’s failure to respond to public demands, Dr Qadri spent an hour or so addressing the wider Pakistani public via the usual live telecast of his speech. Dr Qadri provided historical examples of how other nations fought for freedom from slavery and for civil and human rights. He urged the public sat at home listening to him to come and join the protest and asked them to become part of this defining moment in the history of Pakistan.

Dr Qadri explained that just as previous generations had sacrificed in order to make the dream of Pakistan become a reality, so too would the current generation sacrifice yet this time to rebuild the country and set it firmly on the path to prosperity, where every citizen would enjoy equal rights irrespective of race, colour or creed. Thus in effect Dr Qadri promised the people that Jinnah’s Pakistan, the nation envisaged by the founder, would become a reality. Having expressed his earnest wishes for Pakistan’s underprivileged citizens as well as its civil society to partake in the protest, Dr Qadri ended his public address with the announcement everybody had been waiting for.

With the government unwilling to give way to public pressure and having past the deadline, Dr Qadri announced that there would be an awami (public) parliament at 5pm PST held at the location of the protesting public. He explained that the awami parliament will henceforth decide the next steps regarding ousting of the current unconstitutional government. Dr Qadri explained that he announced the time of 5pm as he wanted to give other people across the country to reach the capital so that the awami parliament could decide the fate of the government. All eyes are now on the clock as time ticks away people eagerly await the stoke of 5pm to see the decision of the public regarding what will happen next.


17th August 2014 | Day 4 | How to Implement the Charter of Demands

Critics had predicted that the sweltering heat, rough conditions of sleeping on the roads of the capital and the tolls of enduring a long journey would soon see the size of the protestors dwindle. But it is Day 4 since the revolutionary march left from Lahore on the 14th of August and the crowds have swelled in size considerably.  This can only be translated as approval of the Charter of Demands and Reforms delivered by  Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief, Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri yesterday.  The masses also welcomed the 48 hours ultimatum to the government for the unconstitutionally formed federal and provincial assemblies to be dissolved. Dr Qadri and PAT hold a 33 years track record of remaining peaceful citizens and use this outlook of peace, tolerance and determination as their force.

In today’s address, Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri  gave statistical proof of the government’s discernible failure to provide the basic rights promised by the constitution of Pakistan. The Global Competitiveness Index, compiled by the World Economic Forum  which provides insight into the productivity and prosperity of 148 nations, records Pakistan’s position in 2012-2013 at 124. Due to the incompetence of the government this has plummeted by 9 points and was recorded as 133 in 2013-2014. This is regretfully lower than developing countries of Africa. Yet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in his Presidential speech was congratulating the nation on the progress Pakistan is making under his governance!

Further exposing the truth of the socio-economic crisis Pakistan faces, Dr Qadri revealed to his listeners the total amount of debt Pakistan incurred in 28 years prior to the current government taking power is $60 billion. Astonishingly within the last year alone the PM has taken a debt of $52 billion.  Known for his ability to simplify the most complex of ideas, making them comprehensible to the masses, Dr Qadri  explained that if 100 rupee notes were stacked, one on top of another, the pile would be in excess of 7000 kilometres high.   

This fact alone poses serious questions on the intentions of the current government. The level of corruption in Pakistan is evidently at a grand level.  The  money has not been used on the welfare and stability of the people of Pakistan who face rising unemployment,  price hikes, mass load shedding and nearly non-existent health and education facilities.

Dr Qadri proposed the following methods of reducing this enormous debt;
1. Reducing costs by elimination of federal leaders.
2. Reducing corruption
3. Enhancing tax collection
4. Using Pakistan’s natural resources, (Gold, Crude oil, coal)
5. Returning money from foreign reserves.
6. Handing the system over to educated youth (Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers)
7. Use of Gawadar port for trade

Pakistan is rich in its natural resources. Ranking as the world’s fifth largest country for natural coal, and mountainous regions in Balochistan and Sindh rich in gold and precious stones. These resources alone could be a large contributory factor to alleviate the nation’s diminishing economy. If utilised correctly Pakistan could be self sufficient and its citizens could truly benefit from the fruits of prosperity.

Putting to bed all accusations of the revolutionary march as unconstitutional, Dr Qadri emphasised the current electoral system and federal government for failing to fulfill the promises in the preamble of the constitution of Pakistan to which they had sworn an oath of allegiance;

- Wherein adequate provision shall be made for the minorities freely to profess and practise their religions and develop their cultures;

- Wherein the territories now included in or in accession with Pakistan and such other territories as may hereafter be included in or accede to Pakistan shall form a Federation wherein the units will be autonomous with such boundaries and limitations on their powers and authority as may be prescribed;

- Therein shall be guaranteed fundamental rights, including equality of status, of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice, and freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship and association, subject to law and public morality;

- Wherein adequate provision shall be made to safeguard the legitimate interests of minorities and backward and depressed classes;

- Wherein the independence of the judiciary shall be fully secured;

- Wherein the integrity of the territories of the Federation, its independence and all its rights, including its sovereign rights on land, sea and air, shall be safeguarded;
(Excerpt from the Preamble of Pakistan’s Constitution)

With the level of corruption in Pakistan, overseas debt, socio-economic crisis, state terrorism and instability it is no surprise that the common man has joined Dr Qadri’s peaceful struggle for the hugely overdue benefits a truly democratic nation delivers to its citizens. Pakistan’s current law and electoral system has been dressed up as a distorted version of democracy and served to the nation by current and previous rulers. Reflecting upon the emotions of the thousands that have flooded the centre of Pakistan’s capital, their unwavering determination is remarkable and emulates their conviction in Dr Qadri.  Half way through the 48 hour deadline, they stand firm as this farce has been detected, rejected and soon will be destroyed.

(Significant point from the speech where Dr Qadri stepped aside from all security and challenged the government to stop him)



16th August 2014 | Day 3 | #RevolutionaryMarchWithDrQadri #AwaamiTakeOver

With high spirit and unrelenting determination the crowds of peaceful activists in Islamabad eagerly anticipated the keynote address of Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri.  Being the first formal speech delivered by the revolutionary leader since departing from Lahore Thursday 14th August, leading his innumerable swarm of supporters. The crowd appeared unperturbed by the forty hour journey they had endured prior to sleeping on the open roads of the capital.

One of the most astounding aspects continuously being noted and equally noted today by journalists and political leaders, was Dr Qadri’s unwavering conviction and commitment to his 10 point agenda. Dr Qadri explained the purpose and the demands of the Revolutionary March, showing no reluctance to divulge in his plan for post-revolution Pakistan to the crowd in Islamabad, the media, state institutes and to the outside world.

Dr Qadri initiated his historic address by informing the masses about the findings of the judicial tribunal set up to investigate the Lahore massacre of 17 June, in which approximately 15 Pakistan Awami Tehreek [PAT] supporters were killed. The Lahore Session Court ordered the police to register murder charges against 21 government officials including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Praising the court’s decision, Dr Qadri stated that the police should carry out these orders issued today to begin the justice process for the victims. Dr Qadri paid tribute to his workers stating they are rendering unparalleled sacrifices for the future of their country and their dedication and commitment is to be commended.

Outlining his vision for the future of Pakistan, Dr Qadri announced his Charter of Demands and Reforms.  It was received amidst the peaceful protestors chanting: “Go Nawaz Go” signalling their approval of a populist agenda which fulfils the criteria of true democracy which everyone in Pakistan, including the critics of Dr Qadri crave.

Following is the ‘Charter of Demands and Reforms’ presented by Dr Qadri

Following is the ‘Charter of Demands and Reforms’ presented by Dr Qadri

  1. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister of Punjab to resign immediately.  
  2. National Assembly and provincial assemblies must be dissolved because ‘this is unconstitutional,’ [citing Article 62 of the constitution], as two thirds of the members are tax evaders and thieves.
  3. Formation of ‘National Government for Democratic Reforms’ with consensus.
  4. Every current leader, technocrat, bureaucrat, and public office holder must face a strict accountability process administered by the new government.
  5. The poor of this country should be given 10-point socio-economic package to alleviate poverty:
    - Housing for homeless
    - Food and clothing for everyone
    - Necessities must be arranged in three months
    - State health policy, free medical treatment
    - Free compulsory education to every child and educational classes for adult
    - Basic necessities must be provided for half the price
    - Employment must be provided, especially for women. Women should be empowered economically. Anti-discrimination laws for women must be in place
    - Revision of pay structure to ensure equal distribution of wealth
    - Sectarianism, terrorism and extremism must be eliminated from the country. This must be added in the law that no sect can declare the other infidel.
  6. Nationwide “Peace Training Centres” to be established, as well as adding peace and inter-faith harmony to the syllabus of schools.
  7. Minorities to be given complete rights, equal citizenship regardless of their religious beliefs. They will also be given constitutional protection.
  8. Devolution, the formation of more provinces including Hazara, Gilgit-Baltistan, South Punjab, Fata. At least 23 provinces should be formed for better administration. Eliminating the inconvenience for people of smaller cities having to travel to major cities for court appearances and other governmental affairs.
  9. Accountability by national government, no corrupt individual will be allowed to hold a public office or obtain loans. The corrupt will be imprisoned.
  10. Same laws for rich and poor, equal prosperity and opportunities for the poor.
  11. All national institutions must be depoliticized and stabilized.

A few hours after announcing his charter of demands, Dr Qadri announced a 48 hour deadline by which time the government is expected to step down and dissolve the national assembly as well as four provincial assemblies to give way for a national consensus government to enforce the populist socio-economic reforms agenda announced earlier during the day.

(16th August 2014, ariel view of the attendance of the revolutionary march - turned sit-in in Islamabad)




Preliminary Briefing of Dr Tahir ul Qadri

In an electrifying atmosphere, supporters of a populist agenda which demands basic rights taken for granted by nationals of true democratic nations stood waiting for Dr Qadri to begin his preliminary address. Journalists at the scene were amazed at the energy found in the protesters who showed no fatigue despite having to have completed a four hour journey in forty hours due to obstacles placed by the government in a failed effort to hinder political dissent.

Dr Qadri’s appearance on stage triggered a variety of emotions, as some sobbed at seeing the face of their saviour while others grew stronger in their vow to rid themselves and their upcoming generations of the corruption that has dragged Pakistan into a vicious circle of poverty and crime.

The charismatic leader appeared more determined than before despite the brutality inflicted upon him at the hands of the government in order to stop him in his tracks. Many of his supporters who accompanied him from Lahore after being besieged for 10 days also showed little sign of fatigue. In this peaceful struggle for true democracy workers claims that the sacrifices of their loved ones is their motivation.  Regretfully the history books of Pakistan’s politics will be forever tainted with the innocent blood of over 40 of Dr Qadri’s workers martyred in the Lahore Massacre of 17 June 2014.

Dr Qadri was accompanied on stage with various political leaders as well as leaders of the Shia, Sunni and Christian communities of Pakistan.  In his preliminary address to his supporters he assured them that the Charter of Demands and the Charter of Reforms will be disclosed at 4pm PST.

Reflecting on the recent events of the killings in Model Town, Lahore being besieged for ten days and the many illegal road blockades, Dr Qadri advised everyone to remain peaceful no matter what tactics the government may stoop to employ.

He reiterated his stance of struggling for a society where Muslims of all creed and non-Muslims live in peace. He emphasised that the principles of his political movement is based on the message of Moses, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad who all taught the importance of integration, mutual respect and compassion for inner and outer peace.

“This has to be character of every person who stands by me…any violent person will be kicked out from my company…from my party.”

“We will win with the force of peace and democracy.  I travelled with you, I am here with you and I will stay with you till end of corruption, until you get your rights”


15th August 2014 | Day 2 | #RevolutionaryMarchWithDrQadri

Completing a four hour journey in forty hours, supporters of both Pakistan Awaami Tehreek (PAT) and Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) have started to arrive into Islamabad.

The supposed ‘landslide’ victory of current prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, hasn’t really meant much to the common man. It’s evident and safe to assume that the Pakistani people have just about had enough. Living conditions have worsened, food and energy prices risen, and unemployment and crime rates spiralled out of control.  Equipped with the revelation this system was made to serve the interests of the aristocrats at the detriment of the poor, the masses have taken to the streets to bring down the current government.

The government’s claims of being “Champions of Democracy” are doubtful as it manipulates the law and order departments to hinder PAT and PTI from exercising democratic freedoms. It’s probably time to remind ourselves that we are speaking of a country ranked number 127 out of 157 in the Transparency International’s, Corruption Perception Index.

It is a constitutional and democratic right of the people to protest and revolt a system that has little interest in serving its people. Today as leaders of both parties, Imran Khan and Dr Qadri make their way towards the centre of the nation’s capital carrying the hopes of millions.


The images and the sea of people speak volumes in itself. As dawn will break, it will become evident for all to see, the sheer volume of people that came to reclaim their land from the chains of greed and corruption.

|En route to Islamabad from Lahore, picking up support on the way as the Long March passes through various major cities - 15th August 2015|



Day 1 | Revolutionary March | Destination Islamabad

14th August, Pakistan’s National Independence day will be remembered for another reason as independence and revolutionary marches begin to march to Islamabad. Thousands accompany Dr Qadri  to express their democratic right of peaceful protest demanding for their basic rights that the government has failed to deliver. A major question mark over freedom and independence lingered as the authorities in Pakistan besieged the area in Model Town around the residence of Dr Qadri for days, in an attempt to suppress the political movement and silence opposition.

Entrance and exit points of Model Town were effectively blocked by shipping containers and other heavy armoury. It had been reported that main roads, link roads and streets leading towards Qadri’s residence and the Minhaj ul Quran Secretariat’s surrounding areas were sealed off in the early hours of Tuesday, as an estimated 50 additional shipping containers and barbed wire were placed in the area. In the region of 1000 containers had been placed at main roads, which were torn away from businessmen, causing a direct impact to the the economy as goods could not reach their destination.

This morning the Governor of Punjab promulgated that he had continuously tried to ensure safety and safe exit to workers who left to participate in the anti-Government marches, however his ideas were refused by the government. Meanwhile, the Lahore High Court issued a judgement directing police officials to remove all unnecessary containers from various points in Model Town in order to ease the movements of citizens. It would be important to note that the constant violations of human rights and the restrictions of freedom of movement in Model Town have been unconstitutional. The Pakistan government have also been in contempt of court by failing to implement the ruling issued by Lahore High Court as a matter of urgency and freeing the thousands trapped within the ambit of containers.

Following on from the gross human rights violations, there have been serious concerns over the safety and security of the peaceful activists due to leave from Model Town to Islamabad to participate in the anti-Government revolutionary march. Despite the threats and struggles faced by the workers of Pakistan Awaami Tehreek, they have successfully managed to make their way out of Lahore in a crowd estimated as 8km long.

The strength and commitment of PAT supporters paired with their peaceful and humane mannerisms have always proved to have the ability to shake Pakistan awake. And yet again, on this occasion, Pakistan Awaami Tehreek workers have been moving the containers and moving through Lahore – their destination – Islamabad.

Pakistan Awami Tehreek strongly condemns the unconstitutional, illegal and immoral actions of the Pakistan government. In carrying out the gross violations of human rights, the Pakistan government have been in breach of constitutional, democratic, humanistic, legal, political and international values.